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What Kind of Cancer Does Elvis Duran’s Husband, Alex Carr Have?

Who is Alex Carr?

Alex Carr is best known as the partner of Elvis Duran. He joined the board of directors of the Pride Center of Staten Island in June 2021 according to Carol Bullock, Executive Director of the Pride Center.

Alex Carr Husband

Carr married his longtime partner and fiancee Elvis Duran in September 2019 at the Eldorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The couple tied the knot in a brilliant, lively environment complete with rainbow decorations, flowers, and even attire from the grooms for their Day of the Dead theme, with several of their family, friends, and coworkers in attendance.

Duran himself shared a lovely video of his fiance feeling scared before the ceremony moments before the wedding. “I’m going to run away,” Carr says in the video. Before an offscreen Duran says, “No you’re not.”

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What Kind of Cancer Does Elvis’ Husband, Alex Have?

Alex said in November 2022 that he had been diagnosed with cancer. He took the plunge to raise funds to build the Florina Cancer Center at Staten Island University Hospital. This move was aimed at improving the lives of those dealing with health issues similar to his own, rather than wallowing in despair over the cancer treatments that lay ahead of him.

Throughout the month of November, he used everything he understood about cancer to support all people of Staten Island, the borough with the highest cancer rate.

Carr discussed the progress of his cancer diagnosis in a social media post. The malignant testicle was removed and replaced with a plastic ball filled with a saline implant.

The doctor told him that his particular type of cancer had a 98% to 99% chance of being effectively treated. Carr was scheduled to undergo chemotherapy at Staten Island University Hospital, which is part of Northwell Health.

Elvis and his partner

What does Alex Carr do for a living?

Alex joined the board of Directors of Pride Center in January 2021. “I am pleased to welcome Alex Carr to the board of the Pride Center of Staten Island,” said Bullock. “He’s an incredible human being who will contribute to our Island getting more inclusive and empowered.”

Carr began his work as a volunteer at the Staten Island Zoo at the age of 15 after discovering a love of animals and the environment at an early age. Despite his decision to pursue his studies at John Jay College in Manhattan, his desire to serve his community and his great dedication to the zoo drove him back home.

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He enthusiastically keeps up his work as a valued employee and union shop steward at “America’s biggest “small” zoo” 26 years later.

“The Pride Center on Staten Island creates a safe zone for the LGBTQ community,” said Carr. “It’s wonderful to have a place where everyone is accepted and treated equally without discrimination.”

Carr has a long history of participating in Staten Island politics and civic engagement. He frequently makes donations to charities both domestically and internationally. He is constantly looking for new ways to make a difference, from helping LGBTQ groups in NYC to researching and advocating animal conservation while on safari in Africa.

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