Alex Manos’ Net Worth, Age, Parents, Wedding, Farrah Aldjufrie

Who is Alex Manos?

Alex Manos is the founder and president of Beverly Hills Car Club Inc. His love for vintage European cars led him to start his own car collection business.

“Every car I buy has a story attached to it, making it much more appealing to a car collector. Like most buyers, I can get quite obsessive about finding the right car which takes precedence over everything else.” He said.

His clientele includes the likes of Kim Kardashian and singer Jennifer Lopez.


Alex is about 37 years old. He celebrates his birthday every July 25.

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Alex Manos stands at a height of 6 feet.


Alex was solely raised by his mother Versa Manos after his parents separated. He considered his mom amazing and the most incredible woman to him. His mother Versa worked as a talent manager and the owner of Gorgeous Media Group in Los Angeles.

During an interview, Alex recalls spending time with his father on weekends. They would ride in his father’s E-type Jaguar car on their trips.

Alex Manos’s Future Wife Farrah Aldjufrie

Manos and Farrah Brittany Aldjufrie began dating in 2018. He proposed in November 2021 during an intimate dinner with Farrah when she was least expecting.

As seen on the show, Farrah was pressured by her friends and family, and even her fans on when she will be married. He one time raised the question to Alex who seemed reluctant and content with their dynamic.

Farrah Aldjufrie and her fiance Alex Manos
Farrah Aldjufrie and her fiance Alex Manos

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When is Farrah Aldjufrie’s Wedding?

During an exclusive interview with US Magazine, Farrah explained that she and her fiance are not in a hurry for a wedding as they are trying to enjoy the moment of being engaged.

“They’re going, I got my dress, and that’s about it. But we are getting closer to finalizing some things, or at least, you know, starting that whole process.

We do not have a date set. To be honest, I really just wanted to enjoy the engagement for a minute. And I know people dive right into that — that’s not my personality or my partner. So now we feel like we’ve enjoyed it and we’re ready, but of course, it’s a question that I get multiple times a day.”

Farrah is also eager and can’t wait to have children. “I’m like, ‘Can we just skip the wedding and get to the baby part?’”

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Alex Manos Business

Manos runs his car collection company called Beverly Hills Car Club. According to the company’s website the cars sold at his dealership; “…combine all the elements of our exclusive address: cars for sale that are the very last word in tasteful elegance, chic and impressive sophistication, with scrupulous attention paid to each vehicle’s functional integrity and stylish perfection.”

His dealership specializes in older European luxury and sports cars as well as select American makes and models.

Alex began buying and selling cars from his garage in around 2000. He later opened his dealership in January 2004 and slowly grew to become one of the most luxurious vintage car dealerships in Beverly Hills.

Every successful business comes with its challenges, Alex once bought a stolen car and had to give it back to the owner after he found it. He reportedly lost over $27, 000 for buying the stolen car.

He was also hit with the COVID-19 pandemic which was a tough business year for him.

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 Net Worth

Alex Manos has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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