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What Ethnicity is Amna Nawaz? Husband, Age, Children, Salary, Net Worth

Who is PBS Journalist, Amna Nawaz?

Amna Nawaz is an American broadcaster, anchor, reporter, and foreign correspondent. She is pursuing one of the highest-paying careers in the United States. However, Nawaz wanted to pursue a career in law, but after winning an ABC News fellowship, she changed her mind and decided to pursue journalism.

She started working for PBS in April 2018 and she has since won several awards. In December 2019, when she co-moderated a presidential debate for the Democratic Party, she made history by becoming the first Muslim and Asian American to do so.

She was appointed Chief Correspondent of the PBS NewsHour in June 2021. Since January 2023, Nawaz and Geoff Bennett have been working together since taking over Judy Woodruff’s place as co-anchors of the PBS NewsHour.

Amna Nawaz is a Native of Virginia

Nawaz is 44 years old as of 2023. She was born on September 18, 1979, in Virginia, United States. Nawaz who stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches was brought up in the United States and she attended Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County, Virginia.

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Amna Nawaz Husband

Nawaz married her husband, Paul Werdel in 2007. The couple celebrated their 16-year wedding anniversary in 2023. Their wedding ceremony was somehow not in accordance with Islamic laws because it was an interracial marriage but that did not affect their marriage in any way. Amna and her husband have two daughters together.

Their marriage is a lesson to everyone that happiness and peace are the most important aspects irrespective of race, color, or religion. Amna’s life is an inspiration to many people especially young Muslim ladies who are pursuing careers similar to hers.

Amna Nawaz Education / College

Nawaz graduated in 2001 from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in politics, philosophy, and economics. She also graduated from the London School of Economics with a master’s degree in comparative politics. It is also reported that she studied abroad at the University of Zimbabwe.

Nawaz and her colleagues

Amna Nawaz’s Salary and Net Worth

Nawaz earns approximately $89,637. Her job at PBS NewsHour is her primary source of income. She has worked in the media industry for many years and her wages have increased over the years that she has worked in mainstream media. Nawaz has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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Amna Nawaz’s Career At PBS NewsHour

Nawaz is one of the co-anchors at PBS NewsHour. She has covered a variety of subjects for the NewsHour, including political affairs, foreign policy, gun control, reforming the criminal justice system, culture, and sports around the globe.

She served as host for three seasons of the primetime PBS series “Beyond the Canvas,” which features profiles and interviews of some of the most prominent singers, artists, and innovators in the world.

Nawaz was a member of the NewsHour team honored with a Peabody Award in 2023 for its coverage of America’s gun violence crisis, particularly her on-the-ground coverage of the Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde, Texas.

She was also a member of the crew that received a Peabody Award in 2022 for their coverage of the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol.

Nawaz worked as an anchor and correspondent for ABC News before joining PBS NewsHour in April 2018, where she was in charge of the network’s livestream coverage of the 2016 presidential election as well as breaking news coverage.

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What Does Amna Nawaz’s Husband Do For a Living?

Nawaz’s husband, Paul is the Product Director at The New York Times. Paul’s primary responsibility is putting an emphasis on the company’s mobile news offerings.

What Ethnicity is Amna Nawaz?

Nawaz is the first-generation American daughter of Pakistani parents, born and raised in Virginia. She is fluent in English, French, Urdu, and Hindi.


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