Amy Ferson Husband, Children, Divorce, and T.J. Holmes Affair

Who is Amy Ferson?

Amy Ferson is well known as the ex-wife of American journalist T.J. Holmes. Not much is known about her to the public as she lives a private life. Amy and T.J. Holmes were married from an undisclosed year to 2007 when they divorced. From their marriage, Amy and Holmes have two children; daughter Brianna and son Jaiden.

About Amy Ferson

Ferson is a journalist and news anchor. She previously worked at MSNBC as the host of Way Too Early Show from 2015 to 2016. She also made appearances on The View, America’s Morning News, Media Buzz, Morning Joe, and Real Time with Bill Maher among others.

Ferson also previously worked at CNN where she possibly met T.J. Holmes. She studied at Princeton University graduating with a bachelor of arts in economics.

Is Amy Ferson Married Now?

Since her divorce from T.J. Holmes, Ferson has been keeping a low profile. Not much is known about her personal life as she lives a very private life. Her only marriage known is with Holmes which ended in 2007 due to reasons only known to them.

Amy Ferson
Amy Ferson Photo while she was a TV host


Who is T.J. Holmes?

Loutelious “T. J.” Holmes, Jr. is a journalist and TV host working at ABC News. He co-anchors GMA3: What You Need To Know alongside Amy Rosbach as of September 2020. Holes joined ABC News in September 2014 as a freelance journalist. He was a substitute overnight anchor for America This Morning and World News Now. He also filled in for Good Morning America as a reporter. 

Holmes began his career at KSNF Channel 16 where he was a weekend anchor, producer, and assignment reporter. He has since worked at KTHV, KNTV, CNN, BET, and MSNBC. 

Who is T.J. Holmes’s Wife

After his divorce from Amy Ferson, T.J. Holmes married immigration lawyer Marilee Fiebig. They got married on March 1, 2010, in Memphis, Tennessee. They announced they were expecting their first child together in January 2013. 

Their daughter Sabine Holmes was born in January 2013. Holmes has always documented her fatherhood journey with his fans on his social media pages. He one time shared that he is very hands-on when it comes to her daughter. During an interview with Essence, he said;

“I probably change more diapers than her because she breastfeeds and she has to do that. So, I do the thing that I can do and change the diapers.”

In 2020, T.J. Holmes took to Instagram to share his wife’s 10-year challenge. Part of the post read;

“10 years ago, Marilee Fiebig married me, And despite my best efforts, she remained married to me for the past 10 years. …That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being dramatic, I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses, and opportunities to walk her fine ass out the doooooooor. But instead, with her built-in black woman superpower, she showed grace and patience that is incomprehensible. Asking her for another 10 years would be asking too much. another 10 months? That may even be a stretch….if she puts up with me another 10 days, I’d be grateful…..”

Even though his message to his wife at that time was sweet and thoughtful, his fans have come to haunt him for the post as it seems he caused so much trouble in his marriage that his wife was fed up with him.

T.J Holmes’s Affair with Fellow Host Amy Robach

Daily Mail released photos of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach appearing to be cozy with each other on November 30, 2022. The two have a very friendly onscreen chemistry which captured their viewers ever since they began hosting GMA3. 

The photos were a shock to most people since the two are married to their partners. Holmes was married to Marilee Fiebig while Amy Robach was married to actor Andrew Shue. However, reports claim both Amy and Holmes separated from their partners in August 2022 and have been having months-long affairs which they kept lowkey.

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