Autria Godfrey

Autria Godfrey From WJLA-TV Married Her second Husband in 2017

Who is Autria Godfrey?

Autria Godfrey is a national & local news anchor with more than ten years of experience and several Emmy awards to her name. She is best known for her job as the anchor of “Good Morning Washington” for WJLA-TV.

She worked as a reporter and morning anchor for two years at WCAV in Charlottesville, Virginia, after graduating from college. Autria relocated to Washington, DC, in 2008, and worked as a freelancer for CBS News and the Tribune Broadcasting Washington, DC Bureau. That same year, she started working as a producer at Fox News.

In 2011, she quit to work as a general assignment reporter and weekend anchor for WJLA-TV. From August 2013 to August 2019, she served as the Good Morning Washington anchor.

Autria Godfrey Was Born in 1983

Godfrey is currently 40 years old. She was born on December 28, 1983, in Henderson, Texas, USA.

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Austria Godfrey Fisrt’s Husband

Godfrey and her husband, Scott Thuman married in 2008 after dating for some years. She started using her husband’s surname not long after their wedding. They are both working as journalists in mainstream media.

The couple started to encounter some problems around February 2012. The demands of both their careers are said to have contributed to the breakup of their marriage. The couple had already separated by 2013.

Autria Godfrey Married Her second Husband in 2017

Godfrey and her second husband, Paul Lindsay held their wedding in June 2017 at the Dumbarton House in Washington, USA. Godfrey and Paul have one child together.

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Autria Godfrey Was Arrested in 2017

Godfrey was arrested in February 2017. She was accused of public drunkenness and trespassing. According to court records in Arlington County, the incidents occurred after a reported fight in a bar.

It’s unclear what went on at the local bar that night, but one witness said Godfrey was asked to leave and then she came back. When police arrived to try to convince her to go again, she “started jawing” at them, according to the witness.

The girls were asked to leave the event because they were creating fights, and they were told not to return. However, Autria came back, and she was taken into custody right away, with the suggestion that she sleep off the drink in the cell.

Shamia Holoway, the director of community relations at WJLA, said when asked for comment that the station would not address any private issues.

Despite being detained, she was not formally charged. She had a hearing scheduled for May 2017, and it was anticipated that she would ask to have the incident removed from her permanent record.

Is Autria Still at WJLA-TV?

In 2019 Autria bid farewell at WJLA-TV to have a baby.

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Where Did Autria Godfrey Go to College?

Godfrey graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Texas A&M University.

Is Autria Godfrey Related To Arthur Godfrey?

Contrary to what is commonly believed, Autria does not have any ties to the late broadcaster Arthur Godfrey.

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