Batsheva Haart My Unorthodox Life, Husband, Siblings, Job, Net Worth

Who is Batsheva Haart?

Batsheva Haart is an American reality television star, social media star, and entrepreneur. She is known for starring in the Netflix reality series My Unorthodox Life alongside her mother Julia Haart, husband, and siblings.

How old is Batsheva Haart?

Batsheva is 28 years old as of 2021. She was born on February 27, 1993, in New York. Her birth sign is Pisces.

Batsheva Haart Height and Weight

Batsheva stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches with a moderate weight.

Batsheva Haart Husband Ben Weinstein

Batsheva was married to her husband Ben Weinstein. They are childhood friends and got married when she was 19 years old on October 17, 2012. Since they got married when they were still young, they have gone through numerous challenges in their marriage which were highlighted on the show My Unorthodox life.

Coming from a strict Jewish family with a Jewish upbringing, her husband Ben always had arguments about her wife’s dressing code such as wearing pants and other modern clothes which are not part of the Jewish culture. In their view on getting married young, Batsheva said;

“I never like to say I regret anything in my life, but if circumstances happened again, I definitely would not get married so young. Getting married at 19 is too young.”

Her husband Ben said;

“I don’t regret getting married young because who I married, but I would not recommend getting married young.”

Is Batsheva Haart and her husband Splitting?

On November 18, 2021, both Batsheva and Ben put out a statement on their Instagram stories confirming they are going to take a break from their relationship. The statement read;

“After time and consideration, we have made the decision to separate. We have so much love and respect for each other but have realized that it is time to take some space to ensure that each of us live the most joyous, fulfilling lives possible. There are no secrets nor salacious events to blame.

We are just two best friends who met at a very young age and have grown over the past 9 years each in our own way. We so appreciate your continuous support as we embark upon this new chapter of our lives, separately.”

Bat moved to her mother’s house weeks before they announced their separation in order to take a break from each other.

Batsheva Haart Parents

Haart was born to her parents Julia Haart and Yossef Hendler. Her parents divorced and her mother went on to marry businessman Silvio Scaglia.

Batsheva Haart Siblings

Batsheva has three siblings. Her sister Miriam is an app designer, her brother Shlomo is a lawyer and her youngest brother Aron is still a high school student.

Batsheva Haart Mom

Batsheva’s mother Julia Haart is a fashion designer and businesswoman. She is the co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of Elite World Group. She was born and raised in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. She eventually decided to transition from Jewish Orthodox and live her normal life.

Batsheva Haart Photo
My Unorthodox Life star Batsheva Haart

Batsheva Haart My Unorthodox Life

Batsheva stars in the Netflix reality series My Unorthodox Life’ which focuses on the life of Julia Haart who previously was raised in a strict ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to becoming a fashion designer.

She initially started as a creative director of the Italian luxury house La Perla, where she designed to model and reality tv star Kendall Jenner’s 2017 Met Gala dress. She revealed that she was inspired by her daughter Miriam to leave the community.

“She just wouldn’t conform. They were doing to her what they had done to me—trying to push her down and mold her into that flat person that they could disappear. I couldn’t let that happen. I literally packed my [expletive] and walked out the door with her.”

My Unorthodox Life was renewed for a second season which began airing in September 2021. The show stars Julia Haart, Batsheva and her husband Ben, Miriam, Shlomo, and Aron.

What Does Batsheva Haart Do for a Living

Batsheva initially worked for three months at Etc. Steakhouse as a Sous Chef. She has also worked as a hairstylist at  Femme Coiffure, Roma Industries LLC as a design intern, and at THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP as a product stylist intern.

She is now a Tik Tok star, YouTuber, and Fashion designer.

Batsheva Haart Net Worth

Haart has an estimated net worth of $500 k as of 2021.

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