Betty Jo Melvin

Betty Jo Melvin (Craig Melvin’s Mother) Age, Husband, Lindsay, Grandchildren

Who is Betty Jo Melvin?

Betty Jo Melvin is well known as the mother of Craig Delano Melvin, the famous American broadcast journalist and anchor at NBC News. She is a proud grand mother of Craig’s kids namely Sybil and Delano.

Betty Jo Melvin Age

Melvin is in her 60’s. She celebrates her birthday on 17th of December every year. We shall update this section with her exact age as we learn more about her birth details.

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Betty Jo Melvin Height

Melvin stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Betty Jo Melvin Husband

Melvin was married to Lawrence Melvin and they have three children namely, Craig Melvin, Ryan Melvin and Rev. Lawrence Meadows, who died from colon cancer on December 9, 2020 at the age of 43.

His son Craig is a famous journalist. He wrote a book titled; “POPS: Learning To Be a Son and a Father,” in honor of his father and their lengthy path to mutual understanding after a lifetime of a rocky relationship caused by Lawrence’s alcoholism and irresponsible fatherhood.

And, sure, Craig shows Lawrence, finally facing his issues, allowing him to reconfigure his relationship with his son and grandchildren. Craig stated in an interview that he feels bad because his first book is about his father but his mother, Betty Jo Melvin, has been his pillar his entire life.

POPS: Learning To Be a Son and a Father

In “POPS,” Craig discusses his youth in Columbia, South Carolina, where his alcoholic father worked the graveyard shift at a postal facility and his mother worked as a teacher before becoming a bank teller.

He describes incidents in “POPS” where Betty Jo would have to pick up the pieces because Lawrence was either drunk, gambling, or simply missing. Betty Jo took on a second job after Lawrence wasted tens of thousands of dollars on video poker and the bills were not being paid.

She subsequently acquired a master’s degree in order to advance in her career. Betty Jo was also the driving force behind the Melvins’ relocation to a diversified area with a good school system.

Craig writes that by the time he reached high school, his father’s alcoholism and gambling didn’t upset him nearly as much as the fact that his father was never around and didn’t participate in his social or academic life.

He argues persuasively about how, as an adult, he saw the economic burden his father’s addiction had made on his parents’ marriage and sought to persuade his mother to leave.

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Betty Jo Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak

Czarniak engaged Betty in a lengthy conversation in which she loaded her with questions. One of her inquiries concerned Betty’s feelings as she watched her son, Craig, cover a demonstration.

Betty expressed her concern about the situation, stating that her son is both a journalist and a black male, putting him in a vulnerable position. She emphasized that young black men and women still had to work twice as hard as others to achieve the same results.

Betty’s biracial grandchildren, Delano and Sybil, face similar challenges. Their parents are in a different circumstance, which they are attempting to negotiate as a couple while ensuring the well-being of their children.

Betty Jo Melvin Grand Children

Melvin is a proud grandmother of two grandchildren. She has a grandson named Delano Melvin and a daughter named Sybil Ann Melvin. Delano was born in March 2014 while Sybil was born in November 2016.

Her son married Lindsay Ann Czarniak, an American sports anchor and reporter at Fox Sports. Lindsay’s parents are Chet and Terri.

Who was Craig Melvin’s first wife?

Craig has married once in his entire lifetime. He married his wife, Lindsay Czarniak in 2011 and they have been together in marriage for more than a decade.

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Why is Craig so Thankful to His mom?

Betty was the one who looked after the extended family, drove Craig and his younger brother to church every Sunday, kept them on track in school, and also made them participate in extracurricular activities.


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