Where did Bobbi Althoff come From? Is she an Industry Plant?

Who is Tik Tok Star Bobbi Althoff?

Bobbi Althoff is a social media personality known for her TikToks and podcast. She shares comedic and sarcastic content about parenting and married life. She also shares beauty routine videos and fashion tips.

Althoff recently began hosting The Really Good Podcast where she would interview well-known celebrities in a quirky style that became viral. She was also able to interview Canadian rapper Drake which became a viral video through various social media platforms.

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Bobbi Althoff Was born in California

Althoff is 26 years old as of 2023. She was born on July 31, 1997, in California. Her birth sign is Leo.

Is Bobbi Althoff Married?

Bobby is married to her husband Cory Althoff. He works at CompTIA where he is the senior vice president in the software development program. He previously worked at eBay after teaching himself how to code. Cory graduated with a degree in political science. He is the author of The Self-Taught Programmer (2017) and The Self-Taught Computer Scientist (2021).

Bobbi and Cory got married soon after he proposed in October 2019. Cory frequently appears on Bobbi’s TikTok videos where she creates sarcastic and funny content.

Bobbi Althoff and Husband
Bobbi Althoff and Husband

What are Bobbi Althoff’s Daughters’ names?

During an interview with Drake, Bobbi said that one of her daughters is called Concrete. These puzzled the rapper as she also said it with a straight face making it known that she wasn’t joking.

After a few critiques online, she responded by saying her daughter’s full name is actually Concrete Sawdust Althoff. She explained that she has a background in construction and that her name embodies strength.  Althoff refers to her other daughter as Richard. Fans speculated that she does that so as to keep the identities of her children private.

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Bobbi Althoff’s Net Worth

Althoff’s exact net worth is not known at the moment. She revealed that since becoming viral, her fame has not brought in much money yet. However, she was still a successful content creator before she became viral. She is estimated to have a net worth of between $50, 000 to $200, 000.

How did Bobbi Althoff become famous?

Bobbi seemed to have been popular out of nowhere. Before going viral, Athloff used to document her life on her social media platforms. She shared about her engagement, pregnancy, career moves, beauty tips, and her fashion mostly on her Tik Tok.

Althoff then began hosting The Really Good Podcast which became famous for her unique way of interviewing her guests. She has so far interviewed YouTuber Marco Summers, popularly known as Funny Marco, Armani White, Morgan Presley, Lil Yachty, Offset, Mark Cuban, Rick Glassman, Tyga, and Drake.

Althoff appeared on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna and described her journey and how she bagged the guests on her podcast. She began saying;

“I got the idea in April to start a podcast, I’ve always done this character, which is dry humor. And I was like, I’m just going to bring her along for a podcast.”

Her dry sense of humor is what made her followers love her content.


Bobbi Althoff Interview with Drake

When Bobbi shared her interview with Drake, people were curious as to how a Tik Toker would make an interview with such a big celebrity. She explained that Drake saw her video with Funny Marco and liked it. She went ahead and DMed him if he wanted to be on her podcast to which the rapper gladly accepted.

Bobbi interviewed Drake while they were under covers on a bed sipping drinks in their cup as if they were longtime friends catching up. one of their memorable conversations went like this;

“Can you not drink during my interview please?” Althoff asked.

“It’s a nightcap,” Drake shot back.

“It’s sad,” Althoff said.

As of August 15th, people speculated an ongoing beef between Bobbi and Drake as they unfollowed each other on Instagram and took down the interview she had with the rapper from her Youtube.

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