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Why Did Brian Ross Leave ABC News in the Middle of His Contract?

Who is Brian Ross?

Brian Ross is an American investigative journalist. He is best known for his time at ABC News where he worked as Chief Investigative Correspondent.

He started working for ABC News in July 1994 and ended up leaving in 2018. Ross has frequently covered government corruption in his investigative work and he served as a correspondent for NBC News from 1974 to 1994.

He was placed on an unpaid leave of absence and he returned to work in early 2018 as the lead investigative journalist for Lincoln Square Productions, an ABC subsidiary. In July 2018, ABC News confirmed that Ross will be leaving the network.

Brian Ross Was Born in Chicago

Ross is currently 74 years old. He was born on October 23, 1948, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Brian Ross Has Married Since 1985

The former ABC News journalist married his wife, Lucinda Sanman in 1985. They have been together in marriage for 35 years as of 2023.

Brian and his wife are proud parents of their two adult children namely; William Walker Curry Ross and McKenzie Ross.

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Why Did Brian Ross Leave ABC News in the Middle of His Contract?

On July 2, 2018, it was revealed that Brian Ross, ABC News’ lead investigative correspondent, will be leaving the news outlet seven months after botching a story about President Trump and the Russia investigation.

This was a miscalculation that prompted the White House to criticize the media outlet in question and raised concerns about self-inflicted harm.

Brian Ross
Brian at ABC News studio

The former ABC News journalist had made some mistakes in the past, so this wasn’t the first. Among other mistakes, he apologized in 2012 for mistakenly tying the Aurora, Colorado, mass murderer to a local Tea Party group.

He also made errors when reporting the death of a major Iraqi general during the Iraq war. But this most recent mistake had grave consequences and he was placed on unpaid leave for four weeks by ABC News.

He was not allowed to cover the president or the Russia inquiry when he got back, and the network instead gave him longer-term projects to work on from an office several blocks away from the news division’s headquarters.

He wasn’t allowed to appear on live broadcasts either. Mr. Ross’s 24-year tenure with ABC News came to a disappointing end with his departure.

During that time, he served as the network’s on-air investigative arm’s public face and was a frequent contributor to stories about politics, terrorism, wars, and current scandals like the Bernard Madoff fraud.

A source with knowledge of the situation who was given anonymity to discuss a delicate personnel topic said that Mr. Ross was still under contract. Rhonda Schwartz, who served as his lead producer for a long period, also left the network.

Executives at ABC acknowledged that they “fell far short” of their own expectations when they released the report, and Mr. Trump blasted the network for being “horrendously inaccurate and dishonest.”

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Where is Brian From?

The former ABC News journalist is a native of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Where Did Brian Go to College?

Brian graduated from the University of Iowa journalism school in 1971.

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