LaTruth Accused of Hitting his wife

LaTruth and his wife have been together for over 7 years. He proposed to her in 2016 during FaceBook live and renewed their vows in June 2022 on a vacation in Jamaica.

In August, LaTruth and his wife announced on their social media pages that they were having a hard time in their marriage and were in talks for a divorce.

They renewed their wedding vows in a colorful wedding in Jamaica in June 2022.

LaTruth Divorce

Briana and her husband Latruth shared on their Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok that they might be getting a divorce after having a rough time in their marriage.

Latruth shared a live on his Facebook saying the reason their marriage is falling is because of the public who keep sending his wife videos of him and messages implying that he is cheating and vice versa.

As an entertainer, Latruth shares videos of his fans dancing to his music or himself engaging with his fans which some find inappropriate considering he is married.

Latruth defended himself saying he was an entertainer even before meeting his wife and he will continue to be so. This comes after the two renewed their wedding vows in Jamaica in June 2022 on Brianna’s birthday. He shared;

“Prayers up for me and my family. Divorce has been the topic of Discussion from BOTH of us for the past few months. Keep us lifted in prayer. We’ve been married 6yrs so this really saddens me.”

A few days later, they were seen making couple videos together meaning they solved the issues in their marriage.

However, in October, Briana came out saying her husband hit her forcing her to end her marriage. She claimed that her husband has been abusing her and also portraying a different image he portrays on social media as a good husband and father to their children.

They went on back and off on social media each giving out receipts about their situation. The rapper defended himself saying they only made a skit for domestic violence awareness.

Briana refuted the claims saying she would reach that magnitude for a skit. It all started when Briana went through her husband’s phone and found messages with other women on his phone. They then got into a fight as Latruth tries to get his phone from Briana.

Briana had documented part of the confrontation on Facebook Live where her father can also be seen cussing out Latruth.

LaTruth’s First Wife Comes Out

A woman who claimed to be the rapper’s first wife came out and said she was allegedly also physically abused by the rapper when they were married.

She said;

“He pulled a gun on me…I can text my daughter now,” she explained. This man has thrown plates in my face, he has drug me across the floor…and sold my car for $100.”

Their Children

Briana and LaTruth have a daughter together. Latruth has a daughter from his first marriage while Brianna has three children from her first relationship.

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