Captain Jack Bunnell

What is Captain Jack Bunnell’s Role on The Deadliest Catch?

Who is Captain Jack Bunnell?

Captain Jack Bunnell, a third-generation fisherman is best known for playing leading roles in Deadliest Catch (2005), Deadliest Catch: How to Beat the Russians (2020), and Deadliest Catch: Maiden Voyage (2023).

You can be sure that you’ll always be up to date on his activities on his timeline because he enjoys posting pictures of his fishing adventures on social media. Jack was announced as the new captain of the F/V Barbara J fishing vessel and he is prepared to face the hazardous conditions of the Bering Sea.

However, he is not a newcomer to the show; he was featured as a deckhand on the Saga in season 15 until Anderson unceremoniously dismissed him after they got drunk onshore. Jack learnt his lesson and he is here to prove himself as a capable captain.

He has been waiting for this moment for a long time and he has gained lots of experience having worked his way up from deckhand to captain. He is prepared to put in the long hours required to succeed because he understands the value of perseverance and hard work.

Jack is sure he has what it takes to steer the fishing trawler F/V Barbara J to greater heights as he embarks on this new chapter in his life. He is prepared to take on the obstacles and leave his mark in the crab industry with an experienced team, and his own tenacity.

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What is Jack’s Role on The Deadliest Catch?

Season 19 of the popular reality series “Deadliest Catch” debuted on April 18, promising a plethora of challenges encountered in the Bering Sea, including the regular hazards of crab fishing, the decline in snow crab populations, and—above all—the widespread of illegal fishing by unlicensed vessels.

The newcomers; Linda Greenlaw, Sophia “Bob” Nielsen, Jacob Hutchins, Rick Shelford, and Jack Bunnell were also subjected to the challenges in the fishing industry.

Some old grudges are still there, as Bunnell and Anderson mentioned live on a radio broadcast that they dislike each other, even though Bunnell is now leading his own ship with experienced skipper Steve “Harley” Davidson.

Captain Jack Bunnell
Captain Jack Bunnell and the crew

Despite some rivalry among the captains, Bunnell has managed to lead his own ship with competence. He has much more fishing experience than just his season 15 appearance on “Deadliest Catch.” Bunnell worked as a crew member of Pinnacle, a fishing vessel before he joined Season 19, but he was concerned about the diminishing quantity of snow crabs.

On “Deadliest Catch,” Bunnell appears to have realized his dream of being a ship captain, but things haven’t always gone as planned. A 700-pound crab pot was completely destroyed by dents in one episode.

Another incident happened when the engine of the S/V Barbara J turned off on its own, prompting Bunnell to search the ship’s mechanical compartments with a headlamp. Every Tuesday night on Discovery, he embarks on his voyage as a young captain.

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How Old is Captain Jack Bunnell?

Captain Jack (29 years old) was born around 1994. Growing up in the seaside town of Homer, Alaska, his grandfather would often share stories of his adventures hunting king crabs in the Gulf of Alaska. Afterward, his dad went red king crab fishing in the Bering Sea.

Is Captain Jack Bunnell Married?

Yes, Captain Jack is a married man and a father. Kaylynn, his spouse, has been a great supporter of him as she is aware of the efforts entailed in the crab industry. Jack is a father to two young girls including June. He loves his family so much and he shares photos of his wife and children on his social media pages.


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