Chanel Rion

How Much Does Chanel Rion Earn at OAN?

Who is Chanel Rion?

Chanel Rion is a children’s book author and political cartoonist from the United States. She works as the chief White House correspondent for One America News Network (OAN). She is well-known for being an advocate of conspiracy theories.

Chanel Rion Education

Rion was a student at Harvard University between 2010 and 2015.

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Chanel Rion Was Born in Texas, USA

Rion is currently 33 years old. She was born on April 28, 1990, in Houston, Texas, USA.

Chanel Rion Changed Her Surname in 2019

Rion was born Chanel Dayn-Ryan. She changed her surname in 2019, before applying for a White House press pass.

Chanel Rion Met Her Husband At Harvard Extension School

Rion first met her husband, Courtland Sykes, at Harvard Extension School. The couple married in October 2021 and they are blessed with a son named Atlas. When Donald Trump was running for the presidency in 2016, Rion and her husband accompanied him as they toured the country, attending rallies and other campaign activities.

Chanel Rion
Chanel and her family

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Chanel Rion One America News Network (OAN)

Rion was employed by One America News Network (OAN) in 2019. She got the job after OAN’s former White House correspondent Neil McCabe brought Courtland Sykes, Rion’s fiancé at the time, on a tour of the newsroom.

It all started after McCabe informed Sykes that OAN was looking for a weekend White House correspondent, and Sykes told them that they should seek Rion who passed a screening exam and was recruited.

Rion stated without proof in October 2019 that ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page were having a romantic relationship. Rion’s article lacked references and was later dismissed. The story was withdrawn by OAN.

OAN appointed Rion as its top White House correspondent after Emerald Robinson departed the company in January 2020. The White House Correspondents’ Association barred OAN and Rion from attending White House briefing room press briefings on April 1, 2020, for breaching the Association’s COVID-19 attendance guideline.

The Association’s policy, which is based on the COVID-19 standards of the Centers for Disease Control, limits the number of reporters who are allowed in the briefing room each day to 14 and requires that all journalists take a seat.

Correspondents rotate regularly to ensure that everyone has access to the briefing while adhering to safe social distancing norms. Rion attended both news briefings on March 31 and April 1, while OAN was not on the rotation list.

According to OAN President Charles Herring, Rion received an invitation to take part in press conferences outside of the White House Correspondents Association rotation list.

How Much Does Chanel Rion Earn?

Chanel earns an average salary of $110,500. She works as the chief White House correspondent for One America News Network (OAN).

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What is Chanel Rion’s Net Worth?

Rion has an estimated net worth of $1.4 million. She has been able to generate a sustainable livelihood thanks to her career.

What Happened To Chanel’s Husband?

During the 2016 presidential election, Chanel and her husband, Sykes, accompanied Donald Trump as he campaigned across the country, pausing at rallies and other events.

Which College Did Rion Attend?

Rion attended Harvard Extension School, where she was a member of the Anscombe Society, a right-wing student group.

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