Chris Stanley

Who is Bret LaBelle’s Boyfriend Chris Stanley?

Who is Chris Stanley?

Chris Stanley is a full-time producer of funny videos. His main focus is on the peculiarities of LGBT life as a whole. His viral videos of vacations and man-on-the-street interviews in which he approaches people and asks them questions about gay culture and celebrities made him a household name.

He also shares insights into his two-year relationship with LaBelle, which includes humorous videos and the occasional trips together.

Stanley acknowledges that he tends to be introverted and shy until he gets to know someone on a personal level. He claims that his confidence and on-screen presence stem from his upbringing as an LGBT child. LaBelle on the other hand is an extrovert who is free with people and likes to talk a lot.

LaBelle claims he is at ease with himself and doesn’t give a damn about what people say about him, but he takes it very personally when trolls and online critics target Stanley. This is something that Stanley claimed he always tried to ignore.

Stanley admitted that he was always learning, but he believes that after coming out in his sophomore year and losing the majority of his friends, he lost interest in what other people thought.

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How Did Chris Stanley and Bret LaBelle Meet?

Chris met his partner on Instagram. He sent him a short message on Instagram asking him for a date during the outbreak of COVID-19. LaBelle was immediately struck by strong feelings of attraction and he somehow fell for the request. Fast forward, the two are together and they often share photos of themselves on Instagram.

Chris has succeeded in establishing a huge fanbase on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. LaBelle, who previously competed on the popular CBS series Survivor and The Amazing Race, made his love life public during her time on the castaway competition show in 2016.

Chris Stanley
Stanley and his partner

What is The Age Difference Between Chris and Bret?

Chris, who is 27 years older than Bret, believes that age is just a number. LaBelle is 49 years old while Chris is 23 years old. LaBelle admitted that the big age difference troubled her at the beginning of their relationship, but as they got to know each other and their bond grew, he became less concerned about it.

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The two have also, had to negotiate the challenging realm of celebrity together. They both try not to get envious when fans send them direct messages.

This was put to the test recently when LaBelle was filming a video and his partner asked two Bears whether they wanted to “kiss or slap” him. The two then scooped up StanChris and planted a kiss on his cheek.

The couple, who has been together for two years, share their love story on social media, where they received some criticism from people who thought their ages were too far apart. But that hasn’t prevented them from blogging about their lives.

Their lovely relationship is showcased in videos and pictures shared on their joint Instagram account. They have also participated in a few Q&As on YouTube. Chris and LaBelle frequently make fun of their age difference on social media. 

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