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C-SPAN is a non-profit American cable and satellite television network. It mainly airs United States federal government proceedings including the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate,

C-PAN was founded by Brian Lamb in 1975. At that time he was working for Cablevision, a Washington, D.C., bureau chief. He had envisioned a rapid growth of cable-industry financed nonprofit network for televising sessions of the U.S. Congress, other public affairs events, and policy discussions.

He was helped by Bob Rosencrans and businessman John D. Evans who provided funding and distribution of the C-SPAN signal.

C-SPAN was then launched on March 19, 1979, with the fisrt airing of the House of Representatives session.

With the success of the cable network, Lamb stepped down from his senior roles in March 2012 and gave Rob Kennedy and Susan Swain executive control of the network.

C-SPAN Hosts Salary

C-SPAN Hosts earn an estimated annual salary of $50, 000 to $150, 000 annually depending on work done and seniority.

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C-SPAN Female Hosts Names

Greta Brawner

Greta Brawner is a host and managing producer at C-SPAN. She is the host and anchor for the C-SPAN program Washington Journal a live national call-in.

Before joining C-SPAN, Greta was a reporter for CongressDaily where she covered Senate leadership and reported on breaking news.

Greta Brawner graduated from the University of Minnesota with a
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), in Political Science.


Greta Brawner is married to her husband William Tyler Brawner. They got married on May 31, 2008. They have a daughter called Rhen born in Jue 2009.


Greta earns an estimated annual salary of $189, 000 as a host and producer at C-SPAN.

Susan Swain

Susan Swain is a journalist, author, and one of the CEOs of C-SPAN. She joined the network in 1982 as a producer and later became a programmer moderator for Washington Journal.

Susan was named the Co-President and CEO of C-SPAN after its founder Brian Lamb retired.

Susan was previously a member Board of Directors for Discovery Inc. She is currently a board of directors for the National Press Foundation.


Swain is 67 years old. She was born on 23 December 1954.


Susan Swain has managed to keep this part of her life private. It’s currently not known if she is married, single, or even has children at the moment.


As the CEO of C-SPAN together with holding other positions, Susan might be earning an annual salary of $500, 000.

Net Worth

Susan Swain has an estimated net worth ranging between $10 million – $100 million.

Mimi Geerges

Mimi Geerges is an American journalist and television show host. She hosts Government Matters on 7News DC and Washington Journal on C-SPAN. She previously hosted her own show The Mimi Geerges Show where she was also the Executive Producer.

Mimi graduated from George Washington University with an MA inĀ  International Affairs and Virginia Tech with a BS in Electrical Engineering.


Mimi is of American nationality with mixed ethnicities.


Mimi has managed to keep this part of her life private. It’s currently not known if she is married, single, or even has children at the moment.


Mimi Geerges earns an estimated annual salary of between $150, 000 – $190, 000 as a show host and producer at C-SPAN.

Other C-SPAN Female Hosts

-Stephanie Kaye
-Kathrine Buckley
-Penny Pagano

-Kuren Redmond
-Carrie Collins

C-SPAN Male Hosts

Pedro Echevarria

Pedro Echevarria is a host and producer at C-SPAN. He has been working at C-SPAN for over 20 years now since January 2002. He previously worked for WVIR as a news anchor.

Pedro graduated from Tennessee Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts – BA in Speech Communication.


Pedro Echevarria is American with mixed ethnicity.

John McArdle

John McArdle is a producer and tv host for C-SPAN. He joined the network in September 2013. John previously worked for E&E Publishing as a reporter and CQ-Roll Call Group as a Staff Writer.

He graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of History and Media Studies.


McArdle’s wife is currently not known at the moment.

Brian Lamb

Brian Lamb is an American journalist and the founder of C-SPAN. Before launching C-SPAN, Brian worked in the communications sector.

He was a staffer for White House telecommunications policy and Washington bureau chief for Cablevision magazine.

Lamb is recognized for his unique interview style where he focuses on short and direct questions. He stepped down as the CEO of C-SPAN and appointed Rob Kennedy and Susan Swain to take over.


Lamb is married to his wife Victoria Martin. They met in grade school at St. Mary’s Cathedral and later dated in the 1970s.

They rekindled their relationship in 1998 and got married in September 2005. Lamb and his wife Victoria currently live in Arlington, Virginia.

Net Worth

As a businessman and media executive, Brian Lamb has an estimated net worth ranging from $10 million – $100 million.

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Other C-SPAN Female Hosts

-Peter Slen
-Bill Scanlan
-Paul Orgel

-Lew Ketcham
-Jesse J. Holland
-Carl Rutan

-Dough Johnson
-Jim Gately
-Bob Spence

C-SPAN Former Hosts

-Robb Harleston
-Libby Casey
-Kimberly Atkins Stor

-Ylan Mui
-Ed Maddox
-Juana Summers

-Bob Clark
-Geoff Bennett

-Steve Scully
-Carrie Collins

Washington Journal

Washington Journal is an American television series on the C-SPAN television network in the format of a political call-in and interview program.

The program features guest journalists, elected officials, and government administrators answering questions from the general public and the host.

the questions are submitted via social media or email or by calling the studio. Washington Journal airs every day from 7; am for three hours except when special events or coverage of Congress preempts all or part of the program.

C-SPAN Hosts Washington Journal

-Greta Wodele Brawner
-Pedro Echevarria
-Mimi Geerges

-Jesse J. Holland
-John McArdle
-Paul Orgel also serves as an editorial director.

-Bill Scanlan
-Peter Slen, also serving as executive producer.

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C-SPAN Radio Hosts

-Nancy Calo
-Bobbi Jackson

C-SPAN Network Channels


Covers floor proceedings of the House of Representatives, The Washinton Journal, and a Q&A interview program hosted by Susan Swain.


Covers floor proceedings of the Senate. On weekends, it airs Book TV, a 48 hours of programming about non-fiction books, book events, and authors.


Airs live/taped public policy and government-related events on weekdays, with historical programming being shown on weeknights and weekends. It was launched in January 22, 2001.

WCSP-FM Radio station

Covers unique programming such as oral histories, and some committee meetings and press conferences not shown on television due to programming commitments.

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