Who Are Dana Perino’s Parents Janice and Leo Perino?

Dana Perino has grown her career to become one of the most influential journalists in the United States. She is a political commentator for FOX News and the co-host of the network’s talk show The Five. From October 2, 2017, to early 2021 Perino hosted The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino on Fox News. Perino is also an author and a book publishing executive at Random House.

Apart from her career and public life, not so much is known about her personal life including her family, parents, and sister.

Who are Dana Perino’s Parents Janice and Leo Perino?

Janice Perino

Janice Perino commonly referred to as Jan is the mother of Dana and Angie Perino. She was born and raised in Rawlings, Wyoming where she also raised her children. She is passionate about sports as she explores golf, skiing, and tai chi.

janice Perino
Janice Perino Photo (SRC: Instagram)

What does Janice Perino do?

Perino retired in 2010 where she was working in community service through volunteer programs. She was working for Lutheran Family Services, a non-profit organization where she was hired as the Volunteer Director and Special Event Coordinator.

Janice established a volunteer mentoring training program for foster care families, a birth grandparent support group, resettled many refugee families, and sought additional in-home assistance for seniors.

For the past eight years, the special event has averaged 600-700 guests for a sit-down dinner, and entertainment by top industry stars, and has proudly raised more than $500,000 for the agency.

Lutheran Disaster Response chose her to be the volunteer director of hospitality for two trials. Janice was tasked with creating a home-like environment for the victims and families of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing in the basement of a church. The basement of a church was converted into small family rooms with the help of hundreds of volunteers, hours of planning, and financial support.

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Leo Perino

Leo Perino is a Convenience store owner in Denver. He is credited for being the one who encouraged Dana to always speak her mind and go for what she wants. Leo mentioned that he is proud of how hard-working her daughters are. Dana Perino rose from being a reporter in her early career days to being the 26th White House Press Secretary, under President George W. Bush. She is now the co-host of Fox Five and other major Fox News shows.

His other daughter Angie Perino works as a senior trainer for Centura Health here in Denver. Angie and Dana have a very close bond judging by their social media posts. They often share their love for each other on their social media pages.

Perino is married to her British husband Peter McMahon and lives with their new dog Pacy in Manhattan. Angie on the other hand is married to her husband Ben Machock. Not much is known about their relationship as they live a private life.

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How old are Perino’s Parents?

Leo Perino is about 79 years old. He was born on April 16, 1943. Jan seems to be in her mid-70s too. Her exact age and date of birth are currently unknown.

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