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Who is Ruth Madoff Wife of Bernie Madoff?

After Netflix aired the documentary Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street, people were more curious about what happened to Bernie Madoff’s wife Ruth Madoff, and their family.

Where are Sally McNeil’s Children Shantina and John Now?

Who is Sally McNeil? Sally McNeil is a former professional bodybuilder well-known in the 1980s. She became popular after news of her murdering her bodybuilder husband Ray McNeil on February 14, 1995.

Where is Colby Ryan, Lori Vallow’s Remaining Child?

Who is Colby Ryan? Colby Ryan is the son of Lori Vallow, charged with the first-degree murders of her two children. Colby, who is the only remaining child of Lori Vallow came to the limelight after cases of his family surrounding his siblings, mother and step-father became public.

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