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Donna Kelce Age, Sons, Parents, Husband, Net Worth

Who is Donna Kelce?

Donna Kelce is widely known as the mother of Travis Kelce and Jason Kelse. She and her husband set a record by becoming the first parents whose two sons faced off in the Super Bowl against each other.

Donna understood, as the mother of two highly-ranked NFL players, that the possibility was always within reach, even though her family only thought it was possible in their wildest fantasies for their two boys to play in the Super Bowl.

Donna Kelce Parents / Early Life

Kelce was brought up in the United States with her younger brother. Sadly, their mother died when at the time she and her brother were 12 and 10 years old, respectively.

Soon after her mother passed away, her family which then included her father and a younger brother named Don had recently relocated to the suburbs of Cleveland. Her father went on and married again.

Her stepmother supported the idea of women participating in athletics, unlike her father who didn’t like it. The Kelce brothers refer to Donna’s stepmother as Grandma Murr.

When Donna reflects on her upbringing, she gives her stepmother, Mary credit for picking up the pieces and putting her and Don back on the right path.

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Donna Kelce Education

Donna participated secretly in track and field at the Junior Olympics while still in high school, with the help of her stepmother. She became the first member of her family to earn a college degree because of her stepmother’s unwavering support.

She worked in banking for 30 years after receiving her degree from Ohio University. Additionally, Donna worked for Mastercard and specialized in the financial aspects of commercial real estate before settling down at a neighborhood bank in Cleveland.

Donna Kelce Husband

Donna and Ed Kelce fell in love at first sight. It was discovered that Donna had initially agreed to go on a date with another man later that same night, but Ed had actually stolen his future wife from that man.

She made a stop at a bar called Fagan’s in Old Cleveland Flats and it also happened that Ed had to stop there for a drink after work. When they got to talking, Donna canceled her planned date.

Ed, on the other hand, is still in disbelief that he managed to win Donna’s heart despite being covered in dirty clothes from working the entire day in the steel lab. Fast forward and the couple tied the knot in the late ’70s.

Unfortunately, the couple divorced after 25 years of marriage. Donna still has happy memories of her marriage to Ed despite the fact that the Kelce family experienced difficulties as a result of the divorce.

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Donna Kelce Sons

During the early stages of their marriage, Ed and his wife brought up their kids in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and sent both of them to the University of Cincinnati to play football in college.

Brothers Jason and Travis Kelce accomplished a football remarkable achievement that no other fraternal duo has been able to do after playing in the NFL for a combined 22 years.

Being the first brothers to ever compete in a Super Bowl match meant that not only did their parents watch the big game, but they also supported both teams. The game was played on February 13, 2023.

Football fans naturally kept a close eye on Ed and Donna’s preparations for the 2023 Super Bowl. Would each parent have a favorite team? Were there any casting favorites? Whose jersey would they wear?

While Donna was getting ready for the big game, she made sure to give her sons the same support. The proud mother’s “#gamedayfit” included a blouse with the colors of the Eagles and Chiefs on each side as well as a transparent bag with the jersey numbers of each of her sons on it.

She even wore sneakers that matched the colors of each team, Chiefs on her left and Eagles on her right. In the end, the Chiefs defeated the Eagles 38-35, making Travis the triumphant sibling of the so-called “Kelce Bowl.”

Jason was spotted being sad after reconciling with his mother on the field following the defeat, while Travis was seen celebrating on the winner’s platform with Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. The Eagles star looked to provide some consoling words as she quickly engulfed Donna in a bear hug.

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Do the Kelce brothers have a dad?

Yes, they do. But their parents are not together at the moment. They went their separate ways after nearly 25 years of marriage. This also happened soon after their sons had graduated from college.

Although the Kelce family experienced challenges as a consequence of the divorce, Donna has lovely memories of her marriage to Ed. She assured her sons that she doesn’t hold anything against their father and values him greatly in her life.

Who is older Travis or Jason Kelce?

Jason is the older brother. He was born on November 5, 1987, while his younger brother was born on October 5, 1989.

Does Jason Kelce have a child?

Yes! Jason is a proud dad of her daughter Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce.

How Old is Donna Kelce?

Donna was born in October 1952 in the United States. She is currently 70 years old.

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