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What Does (Travis and Jason’s Father) Ed Kelce Do For a Living?

Who is (Travis and Jason’s Father) Ed Kelce?

The most commonly known fact about Ed Kelce is that he is the first parent—that is, the father—of the first brothers to play against each other in the Super Bowl Final in 2023. He is a big fan of their sons and is always grateful that he had the opportunity to coach his sons before they became international celebrities.

The brothers, Travis and Jason reached an incredible milestone that no other brothers have ever achieved after playing in the NFL for a combined 22 years. Their parents didn’t choose sides as they cheered for both of them.

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What Does Ed Kelce Do For a Living?

Ed Kelce aka Papa Kelce has maintained a low profile as he backs his sons in their NFL sports. He was raised in Cleveland and just like his sons, he had aspirations of pursuing a career in sports as he was attracted to the sport of football in high school.

Unfortunately for him, he suffered a serious knee injury during his senior year of high school that forced him to end his sports career. As time went by, Ed found himself drawn to the military because he came from a family with a lot of military members.

Although Ed was forced to end his sports career, something beautiful happened as he raised his sons. He was privileged enough to get the opportunity to coach his sons as they were looking for a bearing in the field of sports.

Even as Ed was looking forward to joining the military, that injury that he suffered in high school was a major setback. The military rejected his application because of the injury. To make things worse, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Ed Kelce
Ed and his family

He even tried to join the Coast Guard but when it was discovered that he had Crohn’s disease at boot camp, his dreams came to an abrupt end. That was how Ed failed to pursue two major careers that he always desired.

He ended up joining the steel industry as a sales representative where he also met his wife. Ed used to take Travis and Jason to the steel factory when they were growing up to show them what he did for a living. Ed made a career change and enjoyed great success in the steel industry.

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Ed Kelce Wife Marriage and Divorce

Ed had a strange first date with his wife, Donna Kelce but they fell in love from the very beginning. As a matter of fact, Ed had stolen his future bride from another person, with whom Donna had previously planned to go on a date later that same evening.

While heading there, Donna made a stop at Fagan’s Bar in Old Cleveland Flats, where Ed also happened to pop by for a post-work drink. They started conversing and Donna decided not to go on her date.

Ed, who spent the entire day working at the steel lab and was completely covered in dirt, is still surprised that he was able to win Donna over. Ed prepared himself, showered, and took her out to another pub since he didn’t want the night to come to an end.

The couple got married in the late 1970s about five years before they welcomed their oldest son Jason into the world. Travis joined them less than two years later, making their family a four-member unit. The couple settled in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and raised their sons.

They sent their sons to play collegiate football at the University of Cincinnati. After 25 years of marriage, Ed and Donna decided to call it quits. Nonetheless, they are still friendly and they show support to their children by attending their games together even though they are separated.

Ed resides not too far from Jason and his family in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. He enjoys spending his leisure time with his three granddaughters, Bennett, Wyatt, and Elliotte, who are the daughters of Jason and his wife Kylie.


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