Ernie Anastos

Ernie Anastos’ Career Has Won Him the Emmy Lifetime Award

Who is Ernie Anastos?

Ernie Anastos is an American television host and news anchor. He works as a news anchor and the host of the talk show Positively Ernie, which features inspiring stories and guests on WABC (770 AM).

In addition, he writes books for children and hosts Positively America, a nationally broadcast TV program in the United States. Ernie has also served as the evening news anchor at the three leading network stations in New York, ABC 7, CBS 2, and FOX 5.

Ernie Anastos Was Born in Hampshire

Anastos is currently 8o years old. He was born on July 12, 1943, in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA.

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Ernie Anastos’ Career Has Won Him the Emmy Lifetime Award

Ernie has a remarkable track record of success as an energetic New York Hall of Fame Broadcaster. He is the recipient of more than 30 Emmy nominations and awards, including the unique “Lifetime Emmy Award,” which is the highest honor granted for his excellent and personal achievements in the television industry.

Ernie Anastos is a Married Man

Ernie married his longtime girlfriend, Kelly Anastos. Although the exact date of their nuptials is not known, we are certain that the couple has been together for many years (over two decades). They are blessed with two children namely; Nina and Philip Anastos.

Ernie Anastos Salary & Net Worth

Anastos earns an annual salary of $350,000. His wages have increased steadily over the years that he has worked in mainstream media. Ernie has a net worth of $8 million as of 2023.

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Ernie Anastos WABC

Ernie is a renowned Emmy Award-winning TV news legend. He is known as a champion for spreading the news that lifts one and a prominent voice in the media. His amazing attitude and charming demeanor reveal the kind, caring, and selfless guy he truly is.

He has remained helpful modest, and compassionate throughout his career, which is what has rendered him the household name that he is today. Ernie is a well-known and widely published author who most recently released the “Ernie and the Big Newz” children’s book series.

Previously, he published a history of American teenage culture titled “Twixt: Teens Yesterday and Today,” which received favorable reviews in the New York Times and was displayed at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Ernie is just an amazing television personality and the founder and host of “Positively Ernie,” an enlightening, upbeat, and positive program that educates, amuses and inspires viewers about people and stories that contribute to making the community we live in, the country, and the world a better place.

Where is Ernie From?

Ernie is a native of New Hampshire, USA.

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Where Did Ernie Go to College?

Ernie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northeastern University in Boston. He received an honorary doctorate from Manhattanville College in May 2008 in addition to his further coursework at Harvard Business School.

What is Ernie’s Heritage?

Ernie is of Greek heritage. However, he holds American nationality.

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