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Farmer Wants a Wife Cast 2024

Farmer Wants a Wife is an American reality series where four single men who are farmers try to find love among 32 city women. The series is adapted from the British show of the same name and the first season aired from March to May 2023. The second season premiered in February 2024.

The four farmers each pick eight women from all over the country to speed date. The ladies prove to the men that they can survive and adapt to farm life. Five ladies among the eight per farmer have a chance to experience real farm life by living at their future husband’s farm. Farmer Wants a Wife airs on FOX at 9 pm and streams the next day on Hulu.

Meet the Cast of Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants a Wife Cast
Farmer Wants a Wife Cast

Brandon Rogers, 29

Brandon Rogers owns a 1,000-acre barley and potato farm in Colorado. After finishing college, he went back to his family farm where he currently works. As he has lived all his life on the farm, he wishes to meet a woman who understands his lifestyle and later shares it with her.

Brandon’s Pick

  • Annellyse, 30, Dancer
  • Britt 30, Emergency Room Nurse
  • Brooklyn 25, Makeup Artist
  • Grace 25, Communication Assistant
  • Joy 25, Radiologic Technologist
  • Madison 27, Social Media Manager
  • Reba 29, Bar Supervisor
  • Teyana 28, Insurance Specialist

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Mitchell Kolinsky, 27

Mitchell Kolinsky is a first-generation horse and cattle rancher from Knoxville, Tennessee. He bought his farm and soon hopes to grow his farm business with his future wife. Unlike his brothers who followed white-collar careers, kolinsky chose the farm life as he loves the outdoors and animals.

Kolinsky’s Pick

  • Brittany 29, Model
  • Emily 28, Healthcare Recruiter
  • Kait 23, Social Media Coordinator
  • Kandice 33, Social Media Coordinator
  • Kiana 30, Dog Trainer
  • Melanie 26, Bottle Service industry
  • Ray 28, Photographer
  • Sydney 22, Construction Worker

Nathan Smothers, 23

Nathan Smothers

Nathan Smothers is a cattle and citrus farmer from Bartow, Florida. His father died when he was 12 years old and he ultimately stepped up and led his family and the family farm. Together with his mother and sisters, they own a 300-acre farm and an additional 500-acre cattle property. He is also a co-owner at First Cast Fishing & Outdoors.

Nathan Smothers is the youngest among the four main farmers of Season 2. He is 23 years old. Even though he is the youngest, he believes he is ready to find a woman to build a life with at an early stage.

Nathan’s Pick

  • Allye, 25 a digital marketing specialist
  • Makenzie, 26 Nurse
  • Kiara, 23 youth development professional
  • Kristin, 25, Hairstylist
  • Lexie, 25, a dog boarding facility owner
  • Destiny, 23, Cheerleading coach
  • Rachel, 25, Marketer
  • Taylor, 25 Stylist

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Ty Ferrell, 42

Ty Ferrell is a farmer from Sikeston, Missouri. He owns a 50-acre farm with horses and roping cattle. He was previously married and has a 12-year-old daughter called Lennon. He is the oldest among the cast and hopes to find a woman who understands that his daughter is everything to him.

Ty Ferrell’s Pick

  • Allison, 33 beer sales representative
  • Melody, 31 Nurse
  • Ashleigh 34 Clinical director
  • Brooke 37 Executive Assistant
  • Christine, 37 Rea Estate vice president
  • Erin 31 Event Planner
  • Megan 31, Teacher
  • Amy 38, Realtor

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