Gator Boys

What happened to the Gator Boys? Where are they now?

Who are The Gator Boys?

The Gator Boys were a team of alligator trappers and conservationists who were featured on a reality TV show on Animal Planet from 2012 to 2017. The team’s response to calls about alligators causing problems in the Florida Everglades was chronicled on the show.

The original team included Jimmy Riffle, Paul Bedard, and Ashley Lawrence. Known for their unconventional techniques, the Gator Boys quickly became popular with viewers.

The team captured and relocated alligators in residential areas, golf courses, and other places where they posed a threat to people while educating the public on alligator safety.

Gator Boys Cast; Where are they now?

Jimmy Riffle

Jimmy Riffle was the leader of the group and the most experienced alligator trapper. Riffle left the Gator Boys in 2015 due to exhaustion and burnout. He now runs his own alligator rescue and removal company, Gator Boys Inc., and is also a public speaker on alligator safety and conservation.

Jimmy Riffle of the Gator Boys
Jimmy Riffle with a crocodile

Paul Bedard

Paul was the second-in-command of the group and was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business. Bedard continues to work as an alligator trapper and conservationist.

He also owns a restaurant called Gator Boys Grill in Everglades City, Florida. His restaurant in Florida specializes in alligator dishes.

Paul Bedard
Paul Bedard doing what he does best

Ashley Lawrence

Ashley was the only female member of the group and was responsible for the public relations and marketing of the business. She is now a real estate agent in Florida.

Ashley Lawrence of the Gator Boys
Ashley Lawrence of as the Gator Girl

Christopher Gillette

Chris began working as an alligator display in an animal park before joining the Gator Boys. He now works at GatorBoys Alligator Rescue where they educate people about crocodiles and alligators.

In 2013, John Martinez, a friend and colleague of the Gator Boys, was killed by an alligator while on a rescue mission. This tragedy led to the team taking a break from the show, but they returned in 2014.

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Gator Boys’ Seasons and Episodes

The Gator Boys aired for six seasons and a total of 82 episodes from 2012 to 2015. The show was a popular hit, and it helped to raise awareness about the importance of alligator conservation. The show was filmed in the Florida Everglades, Mississippi, and other parts of the state.

What happened to the Gator Boys?

The Gator Boys, a popular reality TV show, officially disbanded in 2015. However, the three former cast members, Jimmy Riffle, Paul Bedard, and Ashley Lawrence, continue to work in the field of alligator conservation. Jimmy Riffle runs his own rescue company called Gator Boys Inc., Paul Bedard owns Gator Boys Grill and still traps alligators, and Ashley Lawrence is currently working as a real estate agent.

Despite the end of the show, The Gator Boys are still active in the alligator removal and rescue business, and they remain committed to their mission of alligator conservation. It is worth noting that the show was canceled in 2015 due to declining ratings, but the team members are still actively contributing to the cause they are passionate about.

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Why did Jimmy leave Gator Boys?

Jimmy Riffle left the Gator Boys in 2015 due to exhaustion and burnout. He had been working as an alligator trapper for many years, and the long hours and dangerous work had taken a toll on him. Additionally, he felt that the show was becoming too scripted and sensationalized, and he wanted to redirect his focus to more traditional conservation work.

Despite their disbandment, the Gator Boys continue to be a popular and influential force in the field of alligator conservation. They have helped educate the public about alligators and the importance of their role in the ecosystem.

Furthermore, they have rescued and relocated hundreds of alligators, and they have worked to promote responsible alligator management practices.

The Gator Boys serve as a reminder that there are still individuals who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect these amazing creatures. They are a true inspiration, and their work will continue to benefit alligators for many years.

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Where are the Gator Boys now?

The Gator Boys are still actively involved in alligator conservation. Jimmy Riffle runs his own alligator rescue company, Gator Boys Inc. Paul Bedard continues to work as an alligator trapper and is also the owner of a restaurant called Gator Boys Grill. Ashley Lawrence has transitioned to a career in real estate.

Apart from their individual work, the Gator Boys collaborate on various conservation projects. They have worked alongside the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to educate the public about alligator safety and have played a significant role in rescuing and rehabilitating injured alligators.

The Gator Boys are a true example of how passion and dedication can make a difference. They have utilized their platform to raise awareness about alligator conservation and have helped to safeguard these incredible creatures.



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