Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett Attended Florida State University, One of The Top Meteorology Schools.

 Who is Greg Bennett?

Greg Bennett is a renowned meteorologist, reporter, and voice actor. He is the newest member of the KCTV5 Weather Team and a weekday morning meteorologist. He started his career as a reporter and weekend weather presenter at the ABC affiliate in Tallahassee, Florida.

While working at WTXL, Greg forecasted, produced, and broadcast all types of extreme and tropical weather, including reporting live from the scene as tropical storms Debbie and their repercussions affected Florida’s panhandle.

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Greg Bennett Comes From a Humble Background

Greg is really interested in meteorology and the field of science, but he is also a very genuine person. He grew up in a productive, middle-class home, the son of a truck driver, with his parents making an effort to make ends meet and provide a better life for him and his two siblings.

Every summer and winter vacation, Greg would drive his father’s truck and move furniture with him to earn money for college since the day he could lift a lampshade.

Every time they went on a road trip, his father would always tell him, “Son, I want something better for you. I hope you won’t become like me. I want you to use your head rather than your back.”

Greg took his father’s words very seriously, and to this day, on his days off, he still helps his father with moving furniture.

Greg Bennett Education

Bennett is an experienced meteorological expert who received his meteorology degree in 2012 from Florida State University, one of the top meteorology schools.

He has since broadcasted weather both nationally and internationally, from Florida to California, while working for The Weather Channel in Atlanta.

Greg Bennett Salary

The KCTV meteorologist earns a salary that ranges between $76,890 – $189,000. He works as a weekday morning meteorologist as a seasoned meteorologist.

Greg Bennett’s Net Worth

Bennett has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He has built a stable source of income thanks to his career.

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Greg Bennett’s Career

Bennett started his career professionally as a reporter and weekend weather anchor at the affiliate of ABC in Tallahassee, Florida. He was brought in by KTNV in Las Vegas, NV (DMA 40) after spending 4 years in Tallahassee.

He came on board as their Weekend Evening Weather Anchor and Weekday Weather Producer. However, before he had completed his first year at KTNV, they prepared another contract and promoted him to the role of Weekday Morning Weather Anchor.

He received the call to move to Atlanta and work for the Weather Channel/Weather Group after spending four years in Las Vegas. Greg covered their Local Now broadcasts, providing local weather forecasts and reports for 38 different towns around the United States.

After his stint in Atlanta came to an end, he went back to his native Florida and worked for WFLA/WTTA in Tampa, Florida, where he helped their weather team for a year before returning to his primary duties of preparing and presenting severe and tropical weather forecasts.

He was helping ULA at the same time with media relations to spread their message to the public both locally and nationally. The newest member of the KCTV5 Weather Team is Greg Bennett, who works as a meteorologist during the weekday morning hours.

Greg is delighted to join KCTV5 and the Kansas City community. He is eager to tour schools and work with teachers to convince pupils that meteorology and science are not just interesting, but also downright amazing.

Greg Bennett Nationality

Bennett holds American nationality.

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Is Greg Bennett Married?

Greg announced in December 2017 that he is engaged to his girlfriend. He posted a lovely photo on his Twitter handle along with an engagement ring to celebrate their engagement. Greg has however chosen to keep his personal details away from the public.

How Old is Greg?

Greg has not revealed his birth details. As a result, it is quite a challenge to tell his exact age and year of birth.

Where is Greg Bennett From?

Greg is originally from Connecticut but was raised in Central Florida.

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