Ian Cassette

Where is FOX 35’s Ian Cassette From?

Who is Ian Cassette?

Ian Cassette is an American weather anchor. He works as a weekend meteorologist at FOX 35 in Orlando, Florida. Ian received his certification (CBM) from the American Meteorological Society in 2021.

He began working at FOX 35 Orlando and he was relieved to be back in the state of Florida and close to his family and close friends in the state’s typical warm (and usually stormy) environment.

According to his resume, Ian worked as a meteorologist intern at WFLA-TV in 2014. He helped with forecasting for the nearby areas at that time. He produced weather graphics Utilizing the WSI graphics system.

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Ian Cassette Was Raised in Florida

Cassette grew up in Tampa, Florida, in the United States. One of his best memories is of a candle-lit meal he had for his 12th birthday in the midst of Hurricane Francis in 2004.

Ian Cassette Graduated in 2015

Cassette graduated in 2015 from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. Florida State won the National Championship at the time he was still a student there. He will always cherish that memory.

Ian Cassette is an Avid Sport Fan

Ian is a passionate sports lover. The Florida State Seminoles are among his favorite sports teams, along with the Tampa Bay Rays, Lightning, and Buccaneers.

Ian Cassette Salary

The FOX 35 journalist earns a salary that ranges between $46,000 – $111,500. He works as a weekend meteorologist at FOX 35 in Orlando, Florida.

Ian Cassette Net Worth

Ian has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He generates his income from his career as a journalist.

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Ian Cassette FOX 35 Orlando

Ian has covered a variety of weather-related phenomena, including ice storms, tornado outbreaks, major flood occurrences, and even multiple hurricanes while growing up in Florida, where he initially developed an interest in weather.

His first employment was at WIBW in Topeka, Kansas, where he had his first taste of all four seasons and the extreme weather of the Plains.

During that time, he forecasted, hosted, and constantly updated the station’s website and social media pages with the most recent prediction. He also covered weather topics and events in the area.

Later, he relocated to Roanoke, Virginia, where he landed a job as the weekend meteorologist at WDBJ7. He has developed a passion for hiking and being outside as often as possible since relocating to Roanoke.

He reported on multiple tornadoes, floods, and snowstorms while in Virginia. His favorite pastime there immediately became mountain hiking.

After graduating from Florida State with a degree in meteorology in 2015, he started his career in Kansas, where he spent two years working at WIBW in Topeka.

Where Did Ian Go to College?

Ian attended Florida State University.

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Is Cassette Married?

Cassette has not talked openly about his married life. As a result, it is not known whether or not he is married.

How Old is Ian From Fox 35?

Ian has not revealed his birth details. What we are certain of is that he was born in Florida, USA.

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