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Jack and Sienna Mae; Complete Timeline of What Happened in their Situationship

Tik Tokers Jack and Sienna Mae have been caught in a web of online confrontations since late 2020 and a better part of 2021. All this started after Jack and Sienna Mae suddenly stopped recording tik tok video together. Later on, Wright’s friend Mason Rizzo tweeted that Sienna had “sexually assaulted” and “abused” Wright in May 2021. All this time, Jack stayed quiet about the accusations while Mae constantly denied the accusations.

However, in January 2022, Jack posted a video on his YouTube channel telling his side of the story and painting Mae to be what not people thought she is. Mae responded with a long blog on Medium in which she explained vividly her side of the story.

Here Is Everything That happened Between Jack and Sienna Mae in their ‘Relationship’


When did Jack and Sienna Mae Meet?

According to Sienna, Jack and Mae met when she was 16 years old through his twin brother James Wright since he knew him better. At that time, few of her videos had blown up on tik tok, and asked his friend James to do her first interview with her in Los Angeles. Since James was out of town, he asked his twin brother Jack to go with her. Since then, they became best of friends and even business partners.

A few months later, Jack introduced Mae to other big tik tokers who had already succeeded in the game. As Jack was already part of the Hype House, he surely had connections in the influencing world. After a few months, Jack and Sienna became inseparable as they would be together wherever they went and even friends around them began noticing their closeness.

People loved them together and even shipped for a relationship which in real life, they even didn’t know where they were standing. They just went with the flow. According to Mae, when they stayed for long without making a video together she said;

‘The press would run stories like, “Did Jack and Sienna break up?” and people would comment things like, “If they don’t get married I don’t believe in love.” Major companies were reaching out with brand deals for us and Jack even switched agents to make it easier for work opportunities. Somewhere along the way, and in a very confusing state of not knowing what was fake and what was real, I started to fall in love with him.”

In December 2020, Mae was asked by the Hype House producers to feature in the new Netflix reality show about the tik tok group. She said;

“They also told me they didn’t plan to have Jack in a lead role. To me, that felt wrong. He was the one who introduced me to all those people and I wasn’t even an official member of the Hype House (Thomas Petrou asked me to join but my parents said no). So I decided to be on the show but only if Jack was in a lead role too. They agreed.”

Jack and Sienna Mae in their good times

When It Started Going South

They filmed the show from February to April 2021 in both their hometowns and with their family and friends. Jack and Sienna Mae were now caught in an internet relationship of couple goals yet in real life they were not even clear what they were. This was now made a major storyline for the Netflix show. They began growing true emotional feelings but it was too complicated to make it real. She said;

“It was so confusing and emotional as we both started to realize that uncovering the “truth” behind our relationship — which we agreed not to put a label on — was a major storyline on the show. The more they pressed me on camera, the more emotional I got because I wasn’t sure if we were friends or more.”

They actually began behaving like they were in a relationship but actually not in a relationship until they decided to settle in the ‘let’s go with the flow’ zone. He would gift him expensive gifts and they would tell each other the L-word without communicating about their actual situationship.

“I told him I loved him and he said he loved me too. I would ask if he wanted to be more than friends and he would say, “not yet.” Rejection isn’t comfortable, but it’s honest. The show had to go on so I kind of just went with it.” Mae wrote.

When Mae asked him to film a video and explain to their fans their relationship status as just friends Mae was shocked by his response;

“I wanted to set the record straight publicly about our relationship (as explained and shown in my response video from last year). He told me we had brand partnerships riding on our fake one, and that it wasn’t fair to him. I couldn’t believe that someone who I had created with, laughed with, and cried with could so easily disregard my feelings for the sake of money. He apologized and I appreciated that, but I needed time away from him and our public persona to think and heal.

When They ‘Broke Up’

When their fans noticed that they are not filming together, people began speculating that they had ‘broken up’, and Jack’s friend stirred up the conversation when he shared a tweet saying Mae physically and mentally abused Jack. Lachlan, also a Tik Tok star and Youtuber shared a video taken from November 2020 at a party that showed Jack passed out while Mae was kissing and touching him.

Mae defended herself and said the video narrated by Lachlan was taken out of context. All this time, Jack had never said anything. She was accused of sexually abusing Jack on more than one occasion apart from the video. Mae became a topic of public opinion, called names, lost friends and brand deals, and became one of the most hated ti tokers.

Her part on the Hype House show was removed as she did not want “to re-live the online bullying in light of the crazy “Team Jack” and “Team Sienna”, all through her life. In January 2022, Jack finally spoke out about their situation for the first time. In The video, he clearly stated every heartbroken moment he has experienced with Mae. He at one time broke down while explaining how they were in a toxic situationship that both of them did not realize.

The video sparked up even more controversy that led to other people who knew Sienna also speaking about their experiences with her. Sienna later came out with an essay on medium.com explaining her experience with Jack.


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