Jeff Zients

Jeff Zients Role in Biden’s Administration, Net Worth, Age, Height, Religion, Wife

Who is Jeff Zients?

Jeff Zients is an American business executive and government official. He established and served as a managing partner of Portfolio Logic LLC, a company that specializes in investments in the sectors of healthcare and business services.

It was revealed that President Biden would appoint Jeff Zients as his new chief of staff, replacing Ron Klain, who is set to quit his role in the upcoming weeks. We have covered every aspect of his life so keep scrolling.

Jeff Zients Political Party

Zients is affiliated with the Democratic Party.

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Jeff Zients Age

Zients is 56 years. He was born on November 12, 1966, in Washington D.C., USA.


Jeff stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Jeff Zients Education

Zients graduated summa cum laude in 1988 from Duke University. He also received a bachelor’s degree in political science from the institution.

Jeff Zients Religion

Zients was brought up in a Jewish household.

Jeff Zients Wife

Zients is married to Mary Menell. The couple has been together for more than a decade. Mary is a co-founder of the Urban Alliance Foundation. She previously worked as Chair of the Global Board of Directors from 2005 to 2012.

Jeff Zients Net Worth

At age 35, Zients was named to Fortune Magazine’s “40 under 40”, with an estimated wealth of $149 million. His wealth status as of 2023 is yet to be known.

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Jeff Zients’ Role in the Biden Administration

President Biden will appoint Jeff Zients to be his new chief of staff, replacing Ron Klain, who is set to leave his role in the upcoming weeks. Zients departed the White House in April after overseeing the administration’s response to the pandemic and organizing the biggest vaccination drive in American history.

He returned to the White House in the fall to assist Klain in preparing for staff turnover following the midterm elections, an effort whose magnitude was largely constrained by the fact that not many senior staff employees had left the government as a whole.

However, over the past few weeks, Klain has handed him various tasks, which some have interpreted as preparing Zients for the top position, according to persons familiar with the arrangement who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss personnel concerns.

As the first significant member of Biden’s inner circle to go, Klain is expected to resign in the days following the State of the Union address on February 7. Biden is about to embark on a new and difficult phase of his administration as Zients takes over the top position.

Additionally, Zients has a very diverse background from Klain when assuming the job. His first government job was held under the Obama administration, and he has worked in the private sector for most of his career. He has little political and campaigning experience and has only ever worked in the executive branch.

Is Jeff on Social Media?

Jeff is only on the Twitter platform. However, his personal Twitter account has no posts.

Where Did Jeff Go to High School?

Jeff attended the St. Albans School and graduated in 1984.

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What Nationality is Jeff?

Jeff holds American nationality. He is a native of Washington D.C.

Who are Jeff Zients’ Parents?

Zients’ parents are Alan and Debbie Zeints. His dad, Alan is a psychoanalyst in Manhattan while his mom, Debbie volunteers with the non-profit Women for Women. His parents are not together at the moment, they divorced under unclear circumstances.


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