Joey and Korrina Roppo Dated and Related, Age, Partners

Who is Joey and Korrina Roppo from Dated and Related

Joey and Korrina Roppo are one of the siblings who were featured on the new Netflix dating show Dated and Related. Netflix has again outdone itself when it comes to reality dating shows.

With the success of Netflix dating shows Too Hot to Handle,’ ‘Love Is Blind, Love on the Spectrum, and The Ultimatum, dating shows seem to be it when finding love among Gen Zs.

Dated and Related is all about finding love alongside their siblings who both act as each other’s wing person.

Joey and Korrina come from Seattle, Washington where they were born and raised. They seem to have a close relationship and even had to put #siblings when posing together on their social media handles to people who thought they were couples.

After appearing on the Netflix show, they moved to Los Angeles to further their new career in showbiz.

Who is Korrina Roppo

Korrina Roppo is a musician and now a reality television star. She began performing when she was a teenager where she played at local restaurants in her hometown.

When she was 20 years old, she auditioned for American Idol but later appeared singing the show’s anthem for the musical tour, which included the top seven candidates.

Korrina is also a music instructor and dancer. She shares her dancing and lip-synchs videos on her Tik Tok with her elder brother.


Korrina Roppo is 24 years old. She was born in 1998.


Korrina is the daughter of Joe Roppo and Carley Roppo. Not much of her family is known to the public. Her only family member known is her elder brother Joey.

Korrina’s Journey on Dated and Related

Korrina appears to be an outgoing, straightforward forward, and friendly person. She started off by showing interest in Kaz Bishop who had his eyes on Diana Parsijani.

She then showed her interest in Daniel Perfetto, the new guy in the villa but unfortunately, Daniel revealed that he has his eyes on Nina Parsijani.

Korrina still hoping to find love hit it off with Henry Wade who also asked him to go on a prom date with her. They had a few hours of romance until new guy Andy Foster came.

Unfortunately, Andy felt Korrina was too nice for him and he wouldn’t want to hurt her. At least she put herself out there and tried to find love.

Who is Joey Roppo?

Joey Roppo is an actor, model, and reality television star. He recently graduated from Central Washington University where he played college basketball.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in IT & Administrative Management (Minor in Cyber Security), and a Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration.

Joey has previously worked for Suncadia Golf Resort as a Player Service Attendant, and Black Rhino Marketing as a Logistics Expert / Accounting.

He recently worked for Expenditures as a Customs Brokerage in Seattle, Washinton. He quit his job in 2022 to pursue his acting and modeling career.


Joey is 29 years old. He was born in 1994 in Seattle, Washington.


Joey is the son of Joe Roppo and Carley Roppo and elder brother to Korrina. He has a passion for playing basketball and would often practice with his father when he was a teenager.

He played college basketball at the University of Central Washington while still pursuing a bachelor’s degree in information technology and administrative management.

Joey quit basketball when he joined the cooperate world. Joey is also a dancer who is familiar with dancing styles such as freestyle, hip hop, and pop-locking.

He has been showcasing his dance moves alongside his sister on his Tik Tok account. Casting agents were able to see through their unmatched sibling bond and thought they would be perfect for the show.

Joey’s Journey on Dated and Related

Joey comes of as shy and composed but overprotective over his sister. When they joined the villa, he was the wingman for her sister until his match Julia joined.

However, Julia who is also quiet and composed felt like Joey was not actively pursuing her. Unfortunately, their romance never came to life but at least he found a friend in her brother Daniel.

Dated and Related Cast

Dated and Related was filmed in Southern France in a luxurious villa with the host being Melinda who also hosts Too Hot To Handle.

The Netflix show features Diana and Nina Parsijani, Mady and Lily Bajor, Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn, Kaz and Kieran Bishop, Daniel and Julia Perfetto, Dyman and Deyon Miller, Alara and Ceylan Taneri, and Corrina and Joey Roppo.

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