John Hagee

Exclusive: All of Pastor John Hagee’s five children

Who is John Hagee?

John Hagee is a televangelist and preacher from the United States. He founded John Hagee Ministries, which broadcasts across the United States and Canada. Hagee is actively involved in politics and runs campaigns in favor of the State of Israel.

In addition, he has stirred up a lot of controversy with his remarks on the Catholic Church, Jews, and Muslims, and also his advocacy of the blood moon prophesy.

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John Hagee Children and Their Careers

John Hagee is the father of 5 children; Christopher Hagee, Matthew Hagee, Sandy Hagee, Tish Hagee, and Christina Hagee. His children grew up in a musical environment and began singing almost as soon as they could talk.

“We sang just for the sake of singing,” Sandy recalls. “In the same way that you eat, drink, sleep, run outside, and play. Nothing had to be forced or desired. We just did.”

The children weren’t only exposed to church music, but John and his wife Diana liked listening to Southern Gospel bands like the Stamps and the Blackwoods, and famous bands like the Cathedral Quartet made appearances at Cornerstone as special guests. Tina, Matt, and Sandy recall singing gospel standards and hymns as well as songs by a variety of musical artists, such as Ray Charles, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, and the Judds.

John encouraged the kids to start singing in kids’ choirs when they were 3 or 4 years old since he noticed their musical talent at a young age. Later, he made arrangements for Tina, Matthew, and Sandy, who was 6 years old by then to perform at a service on Sunday night at Cornerstone.

John Hagee
John’s Children and grandchildren

Two of the kids had a lot of energy. Sandy recalls herself and Matthew saying, “At that point, we were like, ‘Point us to the direction of the stage.” It was a little different for Tina, who was more of an introvert. She claims, “I had stage fright beyond belief,” but she sang through the anxiety and eventually became more at ease on stage.

John would frequently perform with the kids, and they turned into a powerful musical group with a flawless harmonic blend. They loved singing songs by bands they truly admired, such as the Martins.

Sandy claims that the Hagees’ roots were so organic that they initially didn’t think about going by a different name. When Sandy thinks back lovingly on her father, she recalls how “he would say like he was back in that one-room church, ‘And before the morning message, the children and I are gonna sing this. She will sing this song with the kids. It was exactly what we always did and what we did.”

Matthew serves as the executive pastor of Cornerstone Church, Tish is the director of production and advertising for John Hagee Ministries, and Sandy is a lawyer. These three siblings still enjoy sharing the stage as The Hagees despite their separate career paths. They have been able to travel across the United States, Israel, and Canada with their powerful music owing to their father’s ministry.

The Hagees continue to play on the stage of Cornerstone Church, where it all began in 1986; however, instead of the small Sunday night crowd that watched their debut, Cornerstone’s services are streamed in over 190 countries worldwide.

Even though they have received the Lord’s blessings through success in singing and ministry, the Hagees remain devoted to the basic calling and mission that their father and grandfathers established so many years ago—”to point others to the saving grace of Jesus.”

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Is John Hagee Married?

Martha Downing is the subject of John’s first marriage. They married in 1960 and divorced in 1975 under unclear circumstances. The following year, in 1976, he married Diana Castro and they are together up to date. The couple celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary in 2023.

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