Joyce Dahmer

Joyce Dahmer (Jeffrey Dahmer’s Mother) Mental issues, Cause of Death

Who was Joyce Dahmer?

Joyce Dahmer was the biological mother of Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer, and dismemberer of seventeen men and boys between the years of 1978 and 1991. Jeffrey Dahmer also goes by the moniker “the Milwaukee Monster” or “the Milwaukee Cannibal.”

What Was Joyce’s Ethnicity?

Joyce was from a mixed ethnic background of Norwegian and Irish ancestry.

Marriage Life with Lionel Dahmer

Joyce was married to Lionel Dahmer. They had two children named Jeffrey and David. Earlier in their marriage life when Jeffrey was still at a young age, Lionel’s university studies demanded a lot of his time which often kept him away from home.

During the little time that he was at home, joyce who suffered from depression demanded constant attention and began to spend more time in bed.

As a result, neither parent devoted much time to their son, Jeffrey who later said that he felt “uncertain of the stability of the family” from a young age and that he witnessed a lot of tension and countless fights between his parents when he was young.

Their marriage started falling apart in 1977 so they sought counseling sessions in an effort to save it. However, this did not really make a difference and they continued to quarrel frequently.

In September 1977, Lionel learned that Joyce had a brief romantic affair so they both made the decision to end their marriage, assuring their sons that they intended to do so peacefully.

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How Did Joyce Dahmer Die?

Joyce died of cancer in November 2000. She had made at least one attempt at suicide before she passed away. David, Jeffrey’s younger brother, decided to change his name and keeps a low profile.

Where is Lionel Dahmer Now?

Lionel has generally avoided the public in recent years and his most recent interview took place in 2020. The issue of what should be done with their son’s remains caused him and his first wife, Joyce Flint, to quarrel.

According to reports, Joyce requested that his brain be studied by doctors to determine whether any biological issues had contributed to his crimes.

Lionel, on the other hand, insisted on having Jeffrey’s brain cremated since he said his son had requested it. However, a 1995 court decision mandated that Jeffrey’s brain be cremated.

He now lives in Seville, Ohio, with his second wife, Shari. Concerning the current Netflix drama series, which is the top-rated on the streaming service, he has not made any public comments.

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[A Father’s Story] Book By Lionel Dahmer

A Father’s Story is a book written by Lionel and was published in 1994. A percentage of the book’s sales went to the families who lost loved ones in the criminal act.

The book is a touching family story as well as a disturbing confession written by a man who never gave up trying to understand the root causes of his son’s affliction, even as they referred to his own.

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