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Is Kelsey Kernstine From NewsNation Married? Age, Salary, Net Worth

Who is Kelsey Kernstine?

Kelsey Kernstine is an American television journalist. She works as a National Correspondent for NewsNation, WGHP-TV 8, and KFOR. She focuses on US national news and covers a broad range of subjects, such as crime, technology advancements, healthcare, and education. Kelsey also tells the experiences of veterans.

Her work has also been highlighted in WIVB/WNLO-TV and RealClear Education. Before joining NewsNation, Kelsey worked as a multi-media journalist for KMIZ-TV, where she produced, directed, and edited investigation segments.

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Kelsey Kernstine Was Raised in the Midwest

Kelsey was born in the Midwest and grew up in a family of 5 children. She has two sisters namely Megan and Kendal and two brothers namely; Kemp Jr. and Keene. Kelsey was passionate about arts throughout her childhood years and she ended up pursuing journalism.

She moved from her hometown to practice for sixty hours every week and compete in the Junior Olympics when she was 15 years old and a competitive figure skater. Sadly, her mother passed away on March 3, 2019, after a long battle with leukemia.

Since then, she has been active in supporting leukemia research through fundraising and building awareness. Her father, Kemp Kernstine Sr., is an avid reader of Ernest Hemingway’s writings and still claims that his daughter reads the author’s work every day.

Kelsey Kernstine Education

Kernstine graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of California, Los Angeles with a major in Communications and a Minor in Film and Television. During her tenure there, she worked as an on-campus reporter for the college network. She directed, shot, and edited a few of her segments and all these prepared her for her career.

Kelsey Kernstine Salary Net Worth

Kernstine earns an average salary of $67,637. Her job at NewsNation has long been her primary source of income. Her net worth is estimated to be roughly $500,000. She has built her fortune from her career which spans over ten years.

Kelsey Kernstine
Kernstine at NewsNation

Kelsey Kernstine Husband

Kelsey is possibly single. She has not shared the specifics of her marital status. She rarely talks about this topic hence it is not known whether or not she is married. It is also assumed that she doesn’t have children at the moment.

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Kelsey Kernstine NewsNation

Kernstine works as a NewsNation correspondent out of Chicago. She had originally worked for KWTV for almost two years as a reporter, traffic anchor, and stand-in anchor in Oklahoma City. She also worked as an anchor and reporter for KMIZ for two years in Columbia, Missouri.

Kelsey reported on almost every topic from crime to weather while she was there, breaking news stories. Now at NewsNation, Kelsey plays a key role in making sure that viewers are up-to-date with current trends.

NewsNation broadcasts around the clock, twenty-four hours every day, seven days a week, with a variety of entertainment shows (comedy and drama programs, as well as theatrical feature films) filling practically a whole weekend schedule.

Around eighty million households in the US with paid-for television subscriptions (i.e., 62.7% of family units with at least one television) were receiving the broadcasts, which was previously known as WGN America, in September 2018.

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