Khalid Al Meri

Khalid Al Ameri Net Worth, Wife, Age, Weight Loss, Parents, Kids, Ethnicity

Who is Khalid Al Ameri?

Khalid Al Ameri is a well-known digital creator, writer, and producer. He makes videos about Middle East culture and jokes related to marriage. He and his wife are often at the highest level of their game when it comes to the field of content creation. They gained fame on social media especially YouTube and Instagram for posting humorous and uplifting content.

Khalid Al Ameri Age

Khalid is 39 years old. He was born on December 5, 1983, in the United Arab Emirates.

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Nationality and Ethnicity

Khalid holds Emirati nationality. Talking of his heritage, Khalid is from a mixed ethnic background of Emirati and Scottish.


Al Ameri stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Khalid Al Ameri Parents

Khalid’s parents met in Falkirk, Scotland where his father was studying. They developed a strong bond, got married, and moved to Abu Dhabi where his father started working as an accountant while his mom as a nurse. Khalid grew up with his two younger brothers.

Khalid Al Ameri Education

Al Ameri graduated in 2006 from Northumbria University with a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Operations. He also graduated in 2014 from Stanford University Graduate School of Business with a Master of Business Administration.

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Khalid Al Ameri’s Wife

Khalid is married to Salama Mohamed. One of the top content creators in the UAE, Salama has over 14 million loyal fans on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. She is renowned for her comedic skills, which unite people all over the world. She enjoys working with children and participating in school events for young entrepreneurs both socially and through her business ventures.

Khalid and his wife Salama Mohamed
Khalid and his wife Salama Mohamed

Khalid and his wife are always at the top of their game in the field of content creation thanks to their success on Instagram for their motivational and humorous posts. They make videos regularly to make their audience laugh because they want to be as entertaining as possible. Their humorous take on everyday marital issues is popular with their audience.

Khalid Al Ameri’s Net Worth

Al Ameri has an estimated net worth of $1.6 million. He generates his income from all his business ventures and of course social media.

Khalid Al Ameri Weight Loss

Khalid revealed in September 2021 that when he quit his job in 2016, he had two priorities, making videos and being always available for his family. He didn’t do any physical exercise because he didn’t have enough time, or rather he didn’t make time, for it.

He had unrestricted access to food because it was his treat for producing, editing, and uploading a video that day. Deep down, he wanted to be as comfortable physically as he was mentally. He also wanted to have the energy to enjoy the things he was building in his life and not crash after every video shoot, eat pizza, and watch Netflix till he fell asleep.

One morning, he decided to make a change after being introduced to Yasir Khan. They created a program with targets, which he followed diligently, never skipping a workout or tricking his diet.

For those who are interested to know about the fitness routine, it consisted of six days a week of cardio for 1.5 hours and weight training for 1.5 hours, with cheat meals only permitted when the participants reached a set weight goal. As a result, he has lost 20 kg but that is not what is important.

What matters is how much stronger he has become mentally after going through this journey. The most significant improvements in our lives occur when we invest our energy in them, whether they pertain to our health, families, relationships, or anything else you can think of. This experience taught him this lesson.

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Why Khalid Al Ameri is famous?

Khalid was the first social media celebrity to receive a Dubai Star in the Downtown Dubai Walk of Fame and was listed on Gulf Business’ 2020 list of the “100 Most Powerful Arabs.”

Where Did Khalid go to College?

Khalid attended Northumbria University and later enrolled at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

How Many Children Does Khalid Have?

Khalid and his wife have two sons together namely Abdullah and Khalifa. The two boys are often seen interrupting their videos, and this makes their content more appealing. They make sure that their children aren’t the focus of the channel by keeping them out of their everyday content because they value their privacy.


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