Lana Savchuk

Lana Savchuk And Her Husband Are Expecting Their First Child Together

Who is Lana Savchuk?

Lana Savchuk is best known as the wife of Vladimir Savchuk, a Ukrainian-born American author and lead pastor at Hungry Generation. The couple does ministry together and many congregants have found their way back to God.

Lana Savchuk Age

Savchuk is currently in her 30s. Her exact age and place of birth are not available at the moment.

Who is Lana Savchuk’s Husband?

Lana’s husband, Vladimir Savchuk is the CEO of Vladimir Savchuk Ministries (VSM), which offers free digital spiritual resources to believers all over the world in order to bring them closer to God.

He was brought up in a Christian environment, and his parents taught him Christian beliefs. He spent his first thirteen years in Ukraine before moving to the United States with his family, where he currently resides.

Vladimir is the pastor in charge of the Hungry Generation. Vasily Parkhotyuk and Lyubov Parkhotyuk, on the other hand, are the founding pastors of the church.

HungryGen is committed to seeing young leaders put together, healing of people, deliverance, and lives saved. Every year, he puts together the Raised to Deliver conference, which attracts thousands of attendees from across the whole world.

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Lana Savchuk and Her Husband Are Expecting Their First Child After 13 Years

Lana and her husband are the happiest couple right now because they are expecting their first bundle of joy after 13 years of praying and waiting patiently. Their story is similar to that of Abraham and Sarah who waited until their old age and got their first child together.

Lana Savchuk
Lana Savchuk and her husband
Credit: Lana Savchuk

Unlike many couples who give up when they find themselves in such a situation, Lana and her husband have been patient since 2010 and they shared on social media how God fulfilled such a promise to them.

Their congregants were happy to hear such news and congratulations were in order. Their story is a true example that we should never give up in life and God can breathe life in whatever situation; you just have to believe and have faith in Him.

To be honest, it’s not easy to wait thirteen years for what you’re optimistic about. They were informed that there were medical reasons why they couldn’t get pregnant. The news was difficult for the couple to absorb, but they learned to accept whatever came their way.

“When we say we made peace, it doesn’t mean we surrendered to our circumstances,” Vlad said. “This does not imply that we just embrace things as they are.” We just told ourselves that regardless of what happens, we are going to focus on God’s purpose and presence in our lives.”

Vlad said that they fulfilled this by submitting to God’s will. They walked with God compassionately believing that He had a plan. Although their faith was shaken a little bit, the couple never ceased to pray.

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What is Lana Savchuk’s Ethnicity?

Lana is originally from Moscow, Russia. Her husband on the other hand is originally from Ukraine. The couple moved to the United States and started their ministry.


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