Who are Latruth Kids Amoura, Joshua, Isaiah, Latruth Cancer

Robert Hampton (Latruth) Kids

Latruth is a rapper from Atlanta. He is the founder and CEO of Fast Cash Records/Gswag Ent. His songs Drop it low and Hands-Free became #1 on the charts. Apart from being a great rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, Youtuber, and entertainer, Latruth is the father of his amazing five children.

He together with his wife Briana Hampton has always been transparent about their family. sharing beautiful photos of their family to their over 5 million followers combined. They are a true inspiration of how a young couple can juggle between family and growing successful businesses and careers.

Latruth has five children Lauryn Akalala, Prince Isaiah, Amoura Hampton aka baby latruth, Joshua Hampton, and Desharia Hampton.

Latruth Oldest Daughter Princes Desharia

Desharia is the eldest child of rapper Latruth. She was born in December 2007, celebrating her 14th birthday in December 2021. Her Instagram page is filled with fun moments with her father, mother, and siblings. Her Instagram handle is princess desharia.

Latruth togethr with his wife Brianna and children in 2020
Latruth together with his wife Brianna and children in 2020

Lauryn Akalala

Lauryn is the second daughter of Rapper Latruth. She celebrates her birthday every October 30th. Lauryn is a beautiful girl full of life. Her mother constantly shares videos of them together twinning and dancing to tik tok videos. She is also a young talented actress evident in videos her mother shares while she is in character. Her Instagram handle is Princess Lauryn.

Prince Joshua

Joshua Hampton is Latruth’s first son. He is also a mini-me of the rapper who++ considers himself a young rapper. His Instagram is full of captivating videos and beautiful family photos with his family. He is currently 11 years old, born on 21st November 2010. His Instagram handle is young_joshofficial.

Prince Isaiah

Latruth’s son Isaiah is a young actor and entertainer. He seems too to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an entertainer. He was born on August 20, 2012, and is currently 9 years old. His Instagram handle is youngsaiah.

Princess Amoura aka babylatruth

Amoura Hampton is the youngest of Latruth kids. She is currently two years old born on July 27th, 2019. Princess Amoura is a mini-me of her mother as she is always active and full of life. Her  Instagram is full of her photos and videos together with her family especially twinning with her mother and sister.

Latruth Wife

Robert Hampton is married to his wife Briana Hampton also known as Mrs. Latruth. She owns the brand Klassy Queens which is a hair wigs and accessories company. She is always appearing on Latruth’s videos supporting her husband in everything he does.

Does LaTruth have Cancer?

LaTruth and his wife announced on their social media pages that he has stomach cancer. He shared on his Instagram;

I just received my results from my endoscopy and found out that I have stomach cancer and I’m getting my stomach removed. Everybody keep me in your prayers. Name some holistic doctors and remedies in the comments below a family. I REFUSE TO LET CANCER DEFEAT ME !!!”

His wife shared on her Instagram a video of her and her husband with the caption; “My heart is so broken. So yesterday we found out my husband has cancer 😩😭! I am trying so hard to be strong for him. I need all my prayer warriors to show out we need all the prayers we can get!! Thank you for choosing me to be your WIFE. I am so #blessed to go through this thing called life with you. @_latruth”

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