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Is actor Lee Do-hyun Dating? His Brother, Parents, Movies and TV Shows

Who is South Korean Actor Lee Do-Hyun?

Lee Do-Hyun is a South Korean actor best known for his roles in The Glory, The Good Bad Mother, Youth of May, and Sweet Home among others. Due to his impressive performances, Lee has become one of the most sought-after male actors in Korean drama.

Lee began as a supporting actor and slowly rose to earn leading man roles which have earned him much success in his career.

Lee Do-hyun was born in Seoul

Lee (born Lim Dong-hyun) is 28 years old as of 2023. He was born on April 11, 1995, in Seoul, South Korea. He has shared before how he grew up in a normal family where both his parents worked multiple jobs at a time to take care of him and his younger brother.

His brother was born with a developmental disorder and therefore needed much attention while growing up. “My brother is very adorable, he’s stubborn and loves to eat, but [he’s] also very pure and innocent. It would be great if everyone can be more tolerant when they see him,” he said.

As he received more success in his career, Lee was able to pay his family’s debts and moved them to a much bigger and more comfortable house.

Lee graduated from Chung Ang University from the Department of Film and Theater. He is managed by Yuehua Entertainment.

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Who is Lee Do-hyun’s Girlfriend?

Lee Do-hyun is currently dating his co-star from The Glory Lim Ji-Yeon. South Korean media site Dispatch published photos of the two actors appearing to be going and coming back from a date.

Lim’s agency Artist Company confirmed the news and stated; “Lim Ji-yeon and Lee Do-hyun have good feelings between close seniors and juniors and are in the stage of getting to know each other carefully. We would be grateful if you look [upon their relationship] warmly.” Lim played the role of a former school bully called Park Yeon-jin.

Lee Do-hyun and his co-star from The Glory Lim Ji-Yeon
Lee Do-hyun and his co-star from The Glory Lim Ji-Yeon

Is Lee Do Hyun going to the military?

Lee’s agency announced that the actor would be enlisting in the military in the first half of 2023 after completing his upcoming projects.

Lee Do-hyun The Good Bad Mother

Lee plays the role of Choi Kang-ho, a prosecutor who has a cold-hearted personality. He had an unexpected accident that made him suffer from amnesia.

Lee Do-Hyun The Glory

Lee plays the role of Joo Yeo-Jeong in the revenge drama series, The Glory. Joo Yeo-Jeong is a plastic surgeon and the son of Park Sang-im and Joo Sung-hak who are the directors of Seoul Joo General Hospital.

Joo Yeo-Jeong meets Dong-eun and teaches her how to play the game Go. He soon falls for her and joins her in the mission to take revenge on her former high school bullies.

Lee Do-Hyun in The Glory
Lee Do-Hyun in The Glory

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Lee Do-Hyun Movies and TV Shows

  • Summer Night
  • The Unearthed Grave
TV Shows
2017-2018 Prison Playbook Lee Joon-ho (young)
2018 Still 17 Dong Hae-Beom
2018-2019 Clean with Passion for Now Gil Oh-dol
2019 Hotel del Luna Go Cheong-Myeong
2019 The Great Show Wi Dae-Han (young)
2019 Scouting Report Kwak Jae-won
2020 18 Again Hong Dae-young (young) / Go Woo-young
2021 Beyond Evil Lee Dong-sik (young)
2021 Youth of May Hwang Hee-tae
2021 Melancholia Baek Seung-yoo / Baek Min-jae
2023 The Good Bad Mother Choi Kang-ho
2022–2023 The Glory Joo Yeo-Jeong

Lee Do-Hyun Net Worth

Lee has received immense success in his acting career. He has an estimated net worth ranging between $1 million – $5 million.

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