Linda Marigliano

Who is Linda Marigliano’s Current Boyfriend, Magnus?

Who is Linda Marigliano?

Linda Marigliano is a renowned television presenter, radio host, and podcast host with several awards to her name. Her work in music journalism is widely recognized in the mainstream media, demonstrating her exceptional skill sets. She’s the nice, capable host who makes you feel like you’ve wandered into a private discussion with your best friend.

Linda Marigliano Was Born in Sydney

Marigliano is currently 39 years old. She was born on September 27, 1984, in Sydney, Australia. Her father (Michele) was a professional hairdresser who retired in 2022. He styled her hair for every dance, performance, and school formal.

Her mother (Janet) on the other hand was a waitress. Janet has played a big role in her life and she often credits her for the love and support that she has gotten from her. Talking of her heritage, Linda comes from a mixed ethnic background. She is Italian from her father’s side and Chinese from her mother’s side.

Unfortunately, her parents separated when she was 18, and it was stressful and uncomfortable for years. They now see each other once a week, Mum still has her hair done in the garage, and they eat dinner together every Friday. They are like old friends.

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Which School Did Linda Marigliano Attend?

Marigliano attended St George Girls High School in Kogarah, New South Wales, and later enrolled at the University of Sydney where she graduated with a degree in media and communications.

Who is Linda Marigliano’s Current Partner/Boyfriend?

Linda is currently in a relationship with a Norwegian music producer named Magnus. They were forced to separate because of distance, but on the last day of his departure, she experienced both joy and anguish when she breezed through the “meet the parents” meal.

Linda Marigliano
Linda and her boyfriend

Magnus had a scheduled flight on the morning of March 2017 mind you, they had spent a week together. It was unsettling to consider that she would be in Sydney, dreadfully perusing through their photosĀ admiring his knees and thinking, “Wow, I like those knees,” while he would be flying back to his New York apartment.

The ambiguity of their reality sank in as the sun began to set over her apartment. After only a few months of friendship, they had developed a long-distance relationship in which they would travel from one destination to another between Australia and America to spend a few days at a time together.

They weren’t in a relationship, but they also hadn’t professed their love for one another. After that, they maintained their distance relationship for an additional three years. They planned for her to relocate to America in 2020.

The pandemic began just prior to the approval of her visa. They were separated by Australian border restrictions and were stranded on opposite sides of the globe, with no guarantee of when they would see one another again.

After more than six years of first admitting their affections to each other, Magnus and her are now living together in Los Angeles in 2023. They can go on dates without having to take a plane around the world. They donā€™t have to straddle time zones for phone calls. All they have to do is go about their silly little lives together.

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Who is Linda Marigliano’s Ex-Fiance?

Marigliano has one of the weirdest love life. From age 21 to 30, she was in a committed relationship. Although their lives were intricately intertwined, she felt stuck and unsure of her desires once they became engaged.

Linda had to come clean and start the breakup by saying she didn’t want to be in the relationship. She intended to defy expectations despite having a career at Triple J, a fiancĆ©, and love and support from family and friends.


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