Loujain Adada Age, Mother, Daughters, Net Worth, Husband Walid Juffali

Who is Loujain Adada?

Loujain Adada is a Californian-born Lebanese model and tv presenter.  She is widely known for marrying the late Arabic billionaire Walid Ahmed Juffali in 2012.

Her wedding cost over $10 million, the necklace she wore at her wedding was worth more than $2 million while her wedding dress was a Karl Langerfeld dress which was over $200, 000.

Loujain is among the cast of Dubai BLing, the Netflix show which highlights the lives of the wealthiest Arabs in Dubai. She starts on the Netflix reality series alongside radio presenter Kris Fade,l DJ Bliss, realtor Zeina Khoury, housewife Safa Siddiqui and her millionaire husband, and influencer Farhana Bodi among others.

Loujain Adada Age

Loujain is 33 years old as of 2022. She was born in 1989 in California.

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Loujain Adada Parents

Adada was born in California and spent a few years of her childhood in the US. She later relocated with her family to Beirut, Lebanon where she grew up. On the show, she revealed that she has never had a relationship with her mother who lives in the United States.

Since her childhood, Loujain was always interested in fashion, photography, sports, traveling, music and planning events. She had her first magazine shoot when she was 14 years old which made her become more interested in fashion and photography.

Loujain Adada Husband

Loujain was married to her billionaire husband Walid Ahmed Juffali at the age of 21. She had just begun her career as a presenter when she got married. Walid was a well-known Saudi businessman who was the chairman of E. A. Juffali and Brother.

Walid also had other businesses and investments including properties around the world and luxury cars. He was the chairman of The Saudi Cement Company, Saudi American Bank, and was also a board member of a number of powerful companies in Saudi.

Loujain Adada and her late husband Walid Juffali
Loujain Adada and her late husband Walid Juffali

Walid and Loujain’s wedding was the talk of the town among the Arabic community at that time. Her wedding cost over $10 million as she was also dressed in expensive gowns and necklaces.

All of her guests were flown to Venice on private jets where her wedding took place. Many people questioned their marriage due to their age difference which was almost a 30-year age gap but she said; ” love knows no age.”

Unfortunately, Walid died on 20 July 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland after battling cancer for a long period. His estate and wealth were inherited by his brother Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Juffali who is also the legal guardian of his five daughters.

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Loujain Adada Daughters

Adada has two daughters with his late husband Walid. Their firstborn daughter Talia is seven years old while Lana six years old was born in 2016, two months before Walid died.

Loujain had been living in London with her children where they also studied. She also splits her time between Lebanon where she grew up and the Middle East where her relatives live. She exposes her children to both cultures so that they learn of their backgrounds and also learn the Arabic Language.

Loujain Adada House

Loujain and her husband lived in a house worth £60 million in London. The house had several bedrooms with luxurious and expensive items filling their house. She currently splits her time between London and the Middle East.

Loujain Adada Net Worth

Adada has an estimated net worth of 3.8 million. Much of her wealth is inherited from her marriage to Saudi Billionaire Walid.

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Loujain Adada in Dubai Bling

Loujain is among the cast of the wealthiest people in Dubai on the Netflix reality show Dubai Bling. The show which premiered in October 2022, highlights the lifestyle of the rich people in Dubai without forgetting their drama and family issues.

Other Cast members of the Dubai Bling  show include DJ Bliss and his wife Danya Mohammed, Instagram influencer Farhana Bodi, realtor Zeina Khoury, radio presenter Kris Fade and his fiance Brianna Fade, businessman Ebraheem Al Samadi, tv personality Lojain Omran, influencer and housewife Safa Siddiqui,

The Dubai Bling Cast
The Dubai Bling Cast

Loujain Socials

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