Love Island Season 3 Finale, Spoilers, Cast, How it Works

Love Island USA Season 3 Finale

Love Island Season 3 comes to an end with the final episode airing on 15th August 2021. The couples who have made it to the finals include Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy, Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada, Charlie Lynch and Allana, Bailey, and Jeremy Hershberg. With many challenges during their relationships, the islanders have been able to overcome them and the lucky final couple will walk away with $100, 000.

Love Island USA Season 3 Final Couples

As the end of Season three has approached, it’s normal for couples to have doubts about their partners if their love is genuine or it is just for the show. Will and Kyra had these issues a few days to the finale. Her mates also did not make the situation better as they tried to highlight Will’s flaws which she is soo much in love to see.

Jeremy on the other hand has been nicknamed the ‘cat with 9 lives’ of the show. He has basically been receiving the least amount of votes from Americans since Day 1 but his fellow islanders have been saving him. He has also been coupled up with almost everyone in the villa. He was first coupled up with Trina, Aime, Florita, Genevieve, and finally Bailey. Jeremy and Bailey coupled up in the last week of the show and compared to other contestants, their connection is not that strong.

Korey and Olivia was the relationship that shocked everyone because no one would ever imagine their connection ever happening. Olivia was coupled up with Javonny since she entered the villa and even though Javonny tried his best to create/ a connection with Olivia, it was never going to happen. She eventually friend-zoned him. Korey on the other hand has also had a dramatic stay at the villa. He was first coupled up with Kyra, then Trina, Florita, Cashay, Leslie, and finally Olivia.

Charlie who was from Casa Amor was initially coupled up with Cashay. He seemed to have fallen so hard for Cahsay and showed her that he was willing to fight for her but he dumped her eventually. He is now coupled up with Alana who came to the villa in the final weeks.

Love Island USA Season 3 Cast

Love Island Season 3 OG Cast
Love Island Season 3 OG Cast
  • Alana
  • Charlie
  • Bailey
  • Jeremy
  • Korey
  • Olivia
  • Kyra
  • Will
  • Andre
  • Trina
  • Elly
  • K-Ci
  • Cashay
  • Josh
  • Shannon
  • Genevieve
  • Cinco
  • Leslie
  • Flo
  • Isabel
  • Javonny
  • Wes
  • Aimee
  • Florita
  • Isaiah
  • Slade

Love Island USA Season 3 Finale; How it Works

After the host, Arielle Vandenberg declares the winning couple, each of those partners will be handed an envelope. One envelope contains a card for the $100,000, whereas the other envelope will be empty. They will open their individual envelopes and find out what’s inside them. The person that ends up with the envelope containing $100,000 gets to choose whether he or she would like to keep the grand prize for him or herself, or if he or she wants to split the money with his or her partner.

Here is where the ultimate test is if the islander was in for love or money. If the winner chooses to split the money, well and good but if he /she chooses to keep it all to themselves, it is allowed even though their intentions will be questioned. However, in the history of both Love Island USA and Love Island UK, there has never been a winning couple who chose to keep it to themselves. It would be brutal to keep the cash to yourself even if you do not see a future outside the villa since their partner has also helped you win.


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