Love Island USA Cast 2022, Host, Narrator

Love Island USA Cast 2022

Love Island USA 2022 is set to air on Tuesday 19th July at their new home Peacock. The show has already introduced the single and attractive contestants who are ready to find love and win a grand prize of $100, 000 in the end.

While airing on Peacock, Love Island is said to be now spicier, steamier, and PG. The show previously aired its first three seasons on CBS where fewer episodes were shown compared to their counterparts in the UK.

The Executive VP of Entertainment and Unscripted Content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming Jenny Groom said;

“Love Island is a highly addictive dating format that is primed for a streaming service like Peacock where we can push boundaries”

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Here is the cast of Love Island USA Season 4;
  • Andy Voyen
  • Courtney Boerner
  • Felipe Gomes
  • Deborah Chubb
  • Isaiah Campbell
  • Sereniti Springs
  • Jesse Bray
  • Sydney Paight
  • Timmy Pandolfi
  • Zeta Morrison

Love Island USA 2022 Host and Narrator

This new season will also see British Love Island narrator Ian Stirling narrate the USA version for the first time. It will be his first time narrating for the other version of the show outside UK.

Fans love Ian’s humor, banter, and his cheeky side which makes the show more interesting. The show will also have a new host-actress Sarah Hyland.

Love Island was previously narrated by Matthew Hoffman and hosted by Arielle Vandenburg. It is still not yet clear why Hoffman and Arielle were replaced.

Andy Voyen

Andy s a realtor currently residing in Minneapolis. He is originally from Minneapolis. He loves confident women and is more attracted to blondes but thinks he will end up with a brunette.


Andy is 23 years old.

Courtney Boerner

Courtney Boerner is a stylist currently residing in Los Angeles. She is originally from Winter Park, Fla. She has had 19 plastic surgeries and loves her jewelry. Courtney would appreciate an emotionally intelligent man.


Courtney is 24 years old.

Felipe Gomes

Felipe is an international model currently residing in Dubai. He is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Felipe describes himself as very indecisive and does not easily fall in love but would appreciate an honest woman.


Felipe is 23 years old.

Deborah Chubb

Deborah is a personal assistant in Redondo Beach, Calif where she resides. She is originally from Dallas, Texas. She wants a man who loves his mother. Deb has been single for five years and hopes to find love in the villa.


Deborah is 26 years old.

Isaiah Campbell

Isaiah Campbell works as a waiter in Delray, Florida. He is originally from Sioux Falls, SD. He would love to have a family-oriented hygienic girl who will give off the Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott vibes. According to him, his back is his best feature.


Isaiah is 21 years old.

Sereniti Springs

Sereniti Springs works as a bartender in New Orleans. She is originally from Clovis, Calif. She loves a family-oriented man and is ready to step on others’ toes to find her ideal man in the villa.


Sereniti is 28 years old.

Jesse Bray

Jesse is a Courier from Springfield, Ohio, his hometown. He currently lives in Houston, Texas. Fun fact, he is obsessed with milk that he drinks 3-4 gallons of milk every week. His most outstanding characteristic of a woman is generosity.


27 years old.

Sydney Paight

Sydney Paight is an operations manager for a tech start-up. She was born in Houston, Texas and now lives in Los Angeles. On her love Island USA bio, she said she hopes to be a trophy wife with no job if possible.

Her celebrity crush is Harry Jowsey from Too Hot To Handle on Netflix while Paris Hilton is an idol.


Paight is currently 22 years old.

Timmy Pandolfi

Timmy Pandolfi is a real estate agent and trainer currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. He is originally from New York City, NY. He hopes to find a kind woman who is driven and has clean fingernails. Timmy enjoys eating the back of shrimp tails and is terrified of snakes.


Timmy is 29 years old.

Zeta Morrison

Zeta Morrison is a baby sister and model currently residing in Los Angeles. She is originally from Surrey, England. Zeta loves a man who gives her time and attention and also is sexually attracted to her. She can fluently speak Ghanian.


Zeta is 29 years old.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Love Island USA coming back in 2022?

Absolutely Yes, Love Island USA airs on Tuesday, July 19th, 2022 on Peacock.

Where to watch Love Island USA 2022?

Love Island USA 2022 will now be streaming on Peacock.

Who will be hosting Love Island Season 4?

It was officially announced that Ian Ian Stirling who narrates for Love Island UK will be narrating for season 4. Actress Sarah Hyland will be hosting the show replacing Arielle Vanderburg.


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