Marcia Harvey

Why Did Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey Divorce?

About Marcia Harvey

Marcia Harvey is a woman who has overcome immense obstacles to become the successful author and entrepreneur she is today. Her story is one of resilience, determination, and the power of self-belief. Marcia was married to comedian and television host Steve Harvey for over a decade, during which she faced numerous challenges and setbacks.

However, instead of letting these difficulties defeat her, she used them as fuel to pursue her passions. Today, Marcia is a highly respected author and motivational speaker, known for her inspiring messages of hope and perseverance.

Her journey is a testament to the fact that with hard work and dedication, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. In this article, we will take a closer look at Marcia’s inspiring journey and the lessons we can all learn from her experiences.

Marcia Harvey Age and Height

Harvey (68 years old) was born on the 22nd of January, 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

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Why Did Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey Divorce?

Harvey met Steve at a reception party of a mutual friend. They deeply fell in love and they tied the knot in 1980. During that time, Steve was working as an insurance salesman, and two years later, the couple welcomed twin daughters into the world.

He really wanted to pursue a career in entertainment, particularly stand-up comedy because he had already started to get bored with his job.

They became quite irritated with each other because of this, and subsequent reports revealed that from as early as 1990, things got heated and they started to live separately. Her marriage with Steve Harvey and subsequent divorce contributed significantly to her popularity.

Marcia was expectant with their third child when everything went apart, despite the fact that the events leading to their divorce in 1994 are mostly kept a secret. She had initially filed for divorce in 1993.

She was driven to seek legal help after her divorce and Steve Harvey’s failure to pay payments for child support and alimony. Marcia then launched her own fashion brand and enjoyed a prosperous career owing to the fact that she is a strong and independent lady.

Talking of her children, Marcia doesn’t appear on mainstream media often because she prefers to lead a private life.

This is due to the fact that, as a single mother, she was required to work, care for her three young children, and maintain a consistent job. Her three children credit her with inspiring them to achieve great achievements in life because of her modest personality.

Marcia Harvey’s Net Worth

Marcia has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has built her wealth primarily from her business ventures. Marcia is also privileged to secure brand deals that have contributed significantly to her fortunes.

Marcia Harvey’s Current Husband

According to our research, Marcia is currently married to Larry Green. Not much is known about their marriage because she likes to keep her personal affairs away from the public.

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How many ex-wives does Steve Harvey have?

Steve has two ex-wives namely; Marcia and Mary Shackelford.

How old is Marcia Harvey?

Marcia is currently 68 years old. She was born on the 22nd of January, 1955, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

How many kids does Steve Harvey have with Marcia?

Steve and Marcia have three children together namely Brandi Harvey, Karli Harvey Raymond, Broderick Harvey Jr.


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