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Who is Marty Makary?

Marty Makary Marty is a surgeon, educator, author, and medical commentator of British-American origin. He is a health care expert at Johns Hopkins University and also a public health researcher. He is the author of Unaccountable, The Price We Pay, and Mama Maggie.

Marty Makary Age

Martin Adel Makary is around 50 years old. He was born in the early 1970s.

Marty Makary Net Worth 2022

As a successful physician, Marty is estimated to have a net worth of between $ 1 million – $100 million.

Marty Makary Background

Makary was born and raised in Liverpool, England. His family then moved to Baltimore and later to Danville, Pennsylvania when he was still young.

Marty is the son of Dr. Adel and Nadia Makary who now live in Danville. His father Dr. Adel was a hematologist at the Geisinger Medical Center. He retired in 2013.

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Marty graduated from Danville High School in 1989 and then joined Bucknell University and later Thomas Jefferson Medical School. He graduated from Harvard School of Public Health with a master’s degree in public health.

Makary completed a surgical residency at Georgetown University Hospital and a subspecialty in pancreas surgery at Johns Hopkins.

Marty Makary Wife

Marty was married to Kirsten Powers from 2010 to 2013. He is now probably single or dating as not much of his relationship life is known. Powers is a political analyst at Fox News and an author. She is also a writer for USA Today.

Marty Makary
Marty Makary

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Marty Makary Career

Makary is a health care expert and public health researcher who served in leadership at the World Health Organization. He is the author of different books such as Unaccountable, The Price We Pay, and Mama Maggie and also writes for The Wall Street Journal.

Makary is always at the forefront of finding ways to improve the health system for all communities. He leads national efforts to increase medical transparency and lower health care costs for everyday businesses and consumers.

Makary has been a researcher and surgeon for Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has also been a visiting professor at over 25 medical schools. He has written featured articles for The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Newsweek, and also The New England Journal of Medicine.

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Marty Makary Covid Treatmnet

Makary has made efforts to vocalize the COVID-19 pandemic as a true public health threat. He has emphasized on vaccines and early vaccination strategies, wearing masks to control the spread of the virus.

When it started spreading rapidly in February 2020, he was vocal about stopping non-essential travel in the US and warned of the effects the pandemic had on health care and people’s daily lives.

In an effort to allow companies and schools to reopen and lessen the impact on the economy and educational system across the United States, Makary pushed for universal masking in May 2020.

Marty Makary Fox News

Makary has been a contributor on networks such as CNN, NBC News, and Fox News where he discusses health care and everything else related to health.

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Marty Makary Book

Makary is the author of several books that have appeared on the New York Times Best Selling books list. So far, he has authored Unaccountable, The Price We Pay, and Mama Maggie.


Marty gives solutions as a physician which can help repair the healthcare system.  The book became a New York Times best-selling book and was adapted to a series in the Fox medical drama series The Resident.

The Price We Pay

Here, Marty proposes ways business leaders can make health care affordable to everyone. He also investigates the grassroots effort to bring medicine back to its noble purpose.

Mama Maggie

Here, Marty talks of a true story of his distant relative Magda Gobran, a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize who works in Cairo’s garbage slums.

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