Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi’s Journalism is More Centered on Cancel Culture

Who is Matt Taibbi?

Matt Taibbi is a renowned journalist, author, and podcast host. Throughout his career, he has written primarily about the world of finance, media, politics, and sports. He rose to prominence for his audacity, referring to Goldman Sachs as a “vampire squid” in a 2009 piece.

Many people have compared his style of writing to the outrageous journalism of Rolling Stone political writer Hunter S. Thompson. Taibbi started reporting on politics for Rolling Stone in 2004. 16 years later, in 2020 he revealed that he would stop releasing his articles through Rolling Stone and has started to post his works online under his own name on Substack.

Since the middle of the last decade, Taibbi has become more and more centered on cancel culture and culture war issues. In addition, he has taken issue with how the mainstream media has covered Donald Trump and Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections. Since then, readers and other journalists have been divided by his writing.

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Matt Taibbi is a Native of New Jersey

Taibbi was born on March 2, 1970, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is currently 53 years old. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Mike Taibbi who is employed at NBC television as a general assignment reporter. Believe it or not, Mike was adopted by an Italian-American couple.

However, he is of Hawaiian descent. Taibbi claims that his surname is of Lebanese origin, but since his father was adopted, he is not of Lebanese nor Sicilian ancestry.

He has also asserted that his mother is Irish. Taibbi was raised in the suburbs of Boston. He was nurtured and brought up mostly by his mother after his parents divorced when he was a small child.

Matt Taibbi Education

Taibbi was enrolled at Concord Academy by his parents because he struggled with behavioral and academic issues. After his first year, he joined Bard College, where he earned his degree in 1992, having previously attended New York University.

He left New York University because he couldn’t stand being just one face among thousands in a city of millions. It was too much for him to handle. He ended up completing his coursework at Leningrad Polytechnic University, where he studied for a year overseas, in order to graduate from Bard College.

Matt Taibbi Wife

Taibbi married his wife, Jeanne Taibbi in 2010. Jeanne is a family physician. They are blessed with three children together. The couple is pursuing different careers but they always make time for their children. Matt rarely mentions his wife on media outlets hence not much is known about them.

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Matt Taibbi’s Net Worth

Taibbi has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He generates his income from his career as a journalist. His books have sold well globally and they have also contributed significantly to his fortune.

Matt Taibbi
Taibbi and his guests

Why Did Matt Taibbi Leave The Beast?

Matt started the satirical bi-weekly The Beast in Buffalo, New York in 2002. A year later, he departed the newspaper on grounds that running a business and writing was too hard.

What is Matt Taibbi’s Podcast About?

Useful Idiots is a political podcast that Taibbi co-hosts with Katie Halper and distributes through Rolling Stone. It was launched in August 2019. Since then, conversations on the podcast have included a range of guests, such as Aaron Maté, Liz Franczak, Andre Damon, David Dayen, Cornel West, and Glenn Greenwald.

Rolling Stone no longer distributes Useful Idiots, according to Taibbi, who announced in March 2021 that the podcast would now be available on Substack. It is produced by Substack in both audio and video formats, with a free and a paid subscription, however, there have been some changes in the program support team.


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