Meghan McCain

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Who is Meghan McCain?

Meghan Marguerite McCain is a conservative columnist, author, and television personality from the United States. She has worked for ABC News, Fox News, and MSNBC, among others. She is the daughter of politician John McCain and diplomat Cindy McCain, hence for much of her life, she has been a public figure.

McCain began contributing to The Daily Beast in 2009. She co-hosted the daytime talk show Outnumbered from 2016 to 2017. Soon after, she co-hosted the daytime talk show The View, which she will continue to do until 2021. Following her departure from The View, McCain became a columnist for the Daily Mail newspaper. She politically identifies herself as a Republican.

Meghan McCain Age

McCain is 37  years old as of 2021. She was on October 23, 1984, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Meghan McCain Height

McCain stands at a height of 1.55 meters.

Meghan McCain Parents

McCain is the daughter of Senator John McCain and Cindy McCain. Her father John McCain was an American politician, statesman, and United States Navy officer who served as the United States Senator for Arizona from 1987 until his death in 2018. Her mother Cindy McCain is an American diplomat, businesswoman, philanthropist, humanitarian, special educator, and author.

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Meghan McCain Siblings

Meghan has three siblings John Sidney IV (known as “Jack”), James, and Bridget. Her younger sister Bridget was adopted in 1991 from the 1991 Bangladesh cyclone. She also has three other older siblings from his father’s first marriage.

Meghan McCain Husband

McCain is married to her husband Ben Domenech. They got engaged in July 2017 and got married on November 21, 2017, at her family ranch in Page Springs, Arizona. They welcomed their first child Liberty in 2020 after suffering a miscarriage in 2019. Domenech is a blogger, editor, and television commentator.

Meghan McCain Baby

McCain’s baby Liberty Sage was born on Sept. 28, 2020. A few days after her birth, she penned a sweet Instagram photo of her daughter with the caption “Motherhood is euphoria”.

Meghan McCain The View

McCain was the co-host of The View on ABC from 2017 until July 2021 when she announced she was leaving the show live on air. She had a six-year contract to host the show from October 9, 2017. Meghan had previously guest-hosted the show in 2008 and 2010. She cited her departure from the show as a toxic work environment.

Meghan McCain The View Salary

McCain earned an estimated salary of $1 million as the co-host of The View.

Meghan McCain Whoopi Goldberg

McCain had a number of words to share about Whoopi Goldberg after her departure from The View show. In her audio memoir “Bad Republican,” Meghan wrote;

“When I first joined “The View” in 2017, I felt a connection to Whoopi. She had made a promise to my father that she would look after me, and she kept her word for the first two years that I was on the show. The thing about Whoopi, though, is that she yields so much power in culture and television, and once she turns on you, it can create unfathomable tension at the table.

I found her open disdain for me more and more difficult to manage as the years went on and it became more frequent. Occasionally, if the show’s political discourse veered into territory that she found disagreeable, Whoopi would cut me off, sometimes harshly. Once, in the middle of a heated debate on live TV, Whoopi singled me out and said, “Girl, please stop talking right now.”

It instantly trended on Twitter. And it really hurt. Another time she answered something I said by blurting out “O.K.” in a tone that declared she was both baffled and disgusted by what I had just said. This reaction also went viral and left a scar on our relationship. Day after day, week after week, these things take a toll.”

Meghan McCain Career

McCain began working for MSNBC in November 2012 as an analyst. She was then hired as a co-host to the show TakePart Live alongside Jacob Soboroff in May 2014. She became a Fox News Contributor and later became the co-host of the afternoon talk program Outnumbered on November 14, 2016. From 2017 to 2021, she was a permanent co-host of The View on ABC.

Meghan McCain Net Worth

McCain has an estimated net worth of $10 million. She works as a columnist for the Daily Mail newspaper.

Meghan McCain Socials

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