Michelle Charlesworth

Michelle Charlesworth Health: Does The WABC Journalist Have Skin Cancer?

Who is Michelle Charlesworth?

Michelle Charlesworth is a television news anchor and reporter from the United States. She has worked as a reporter for WABC-TV and ABC News since 1998. She also anchors the weekend edition of Eyewitness News on WABC-TV.

The award-winning broadcasts on Michelle’s fight with skin cancer that aired on WABC-TV and ABC’s Good Morning America made her popular. She was doing an exclusive interview with a dermatologist who noticed a mark on her face and the dermatologist suspected that it was basal cell cancer. A biopsy was done and indeed, it was confirmed that she had skin cancer.

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Michelle Charlesworth Was Born in New Jersey

Charlesworth is 53 years old as of 2023. She was born on June 7, 170, in New Jersey, United States. Her parents are James and Jerrie Charlesworth. She grew up with her sister named Eve and her brother named James Jr.

Michelle Charlesworth Education

Charlesworth attended Princeton High School in Princeton, New Jersey, graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Arts in public policy, and attended the University of Freiburg for her graduate studies in economics on a full scholarship provided by the German government.

Michelle Charlesworth Height

Charlesworth stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Michelle Charlesworth is a Married Woman

Michelle married her husband, Steve Livingstone on September 13, 2003, in New Jersey. She and her husband are blessed with two children, a son named Jack James and a daughter named Isabelle Marlene.

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How Many Children Does Michelle Charlesworth Have?

Michelle and her husband have two children together. Their son, Jack was born on September 29, 1998, while their daughter Isabelle was born on October 16, 2006.

Michelle Charlesworth Health: Does The WABC Journalist Have Skin Cancer?

Michelle was working on a piece of journalism when she got a tip about her personal close proximity look at skin cancer. “I thought it was a pore or something, but it turned out to be cancer,” she explained.

She found the discovery while researching a piece about liposuction at the clinic of dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz. If Were it not for the project, she would have overlooked the mark on her face instead of seeing a dermatologist.

One problem was that doctors wouldn’t know how far the cancer had gone until the skin was removed and examined. Charlesworth was worried the morning of the operation to remove the cancerous tissue. The doctor said that the surgical team will remove a margin of normal skin surrounding the spot and examine it under a microscope.

Charlesworth underwent an eight-hour operation while her mother was hiding in the hallway. Plastic surgeon Michael Bruck, who had been monitoring every single incision, came in with a solution to cover the scar once the cancer had been surgically removed from every margin surrounding it.

It was difficult to move the hole in her face because it was far from Charlesworth’s laugh line. However, Dr. Bruck proceeded for an additional three hours, with 27 stitches, and three layers of tissue to successfully complete what Charlesworth had deemed impossible.

The scar started healing after a week and was even starting to fade. The doctors assured her that the scar would go away. To confirm this, Charlesworth returned to her work after three weeks.

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Michelle Charlesworth Salary

Charlesworth earns an average salary of $399,000. She is a reporter for ABC News and WABC-TV as well as an anchor for WABC-TV’s Eyewitness News on the weekends.

Additionally, Michelle serves as the host of two Emmy Award-winning special programs on WABC-TV: Above and Beyond, which honors high school students and teachers in the area who have had a positive impact on their classrooms and communities. She also hosts Broadway Backstage, which previews the upcoming spring and autumn theatrical seasons.

Michelle Charlesworth’s Net Worth

Charlesworth has an estimated net worth of $5 million. She generates her income from her career as a journalist.

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