Mikey Monis

Mikey Monis Living808 Wife, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Salary, College, Net Worth

Who is Mikey Monis?

Mikey Monis is an American journalist. He co-hosts Hawaii’s original lifestyle program, “Living808″ alongside Tannya Joaquin and John Veneri. Living808 airs daily at 9 a.m. on KHON2. He joined KHON2 in 2017 after winning Living808’S CW Star competition.
Mikey has hosted several TV programs, including parts of the E! Entertainment and MTV networks. He is the ideal on-camera personality to teach viewers what to do while making travel arrangements to the islands while also involving, enlightening, and amusing the audience.

Mikey Monis Age, Ethnicity

Monis is in his early 30s although he has not shared his birth details. He is of Filipino descent.

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Mikey Monis Height

Monis stands at an average height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Mikey Monis Wife

Monis has not shared any specifics about his wife. We scrolled his Instagram page in an effort to trace her wife but the results we got were not what we were hoping for.

Mikey Monis Salary

Monis earns an average salary of $75,000. He works as a co-host of the lifestyle show, Living808, which airs on weekdays at 9 AM on KHON2.

Mikey Monis Net worth

Monis has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He generates his income from his career as a journalist.

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Mikey Monis Living808

Monis works with John Veneri and Tannya Joaquin every weekday at 9 AM on KHON2 For Living808, Hawaii’s original lifestyle program. He joined KHON2 in 2017 after winning Living808’S CW Star competition.

Upon joining Living 808, he said; “I am grateful to God to be part of Living808. I love working with John and Tannya and interacting with our audiences around the state. I used to watch them on TV when I was a kid, and now I get to work and have fun every day with them.”

Monis brings his passion and lively demeanor, and audiences in Hawaii have come to love him. Living808 keeps an eye on what’s happening in the community with iconic segments like “What’s Up Weekend” and “Haina Jam,” which highlight upcoming musical talents both inside and outside of the recording studio.

He enjoys engaging with viewers in a fun and creative way as the host of MTV Europe’s “Video Love” show and guest co-host for fashion segments on E!. He draws on his experience working on-air with renowned instructor Marki Costello.

Mikey Monis Social Media

When Was Mikey Born?

Unfortunately, Mikey has not shared his birth details. All we know for sure is that he is from the beautiful islands of Hawai’i.

Where Did Mikey Go to College?

Mikey has also not shared his educational background. However, there is no doubt that he is a well-educated person because his line of work demands high levels of education.

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How Much Does Mikey Make?

Mikey earns around $75,000 every year.

Who is Monis Married to?

Monis likes to keep his personal affairs away from the public. Hence, it is a challenge to determine his wife. It is also not known whether or not he has children.

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