Mindy Hammond

Mindy Hammond Daily Express, Mother, Age, Husband, Wedding, Daughters

Who is Mindy Hammond?

Mindy Hammond is a British newspaper columnist. She works for several publications but is mostly known for her contributions to the Daily Express. Despite her work, Mindy is best known as the wife of Richard Hammond.

Mindy Hammond Age

Hammond is 57 years old as of 2022. She was born as Amanda Mindy Etheridge on July 6, 1965 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.

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Mindy Hammond Height

Hammond stands at an average height of 5 feet 6½ inches.

Mindy Hammond Parents

Hammond was raised by adoptive parents. Her biological mother, who was a teenager at the time of her birth, placed her for adoption shortly after birth owing to the stigma and difficulties associated with young and single mothers in the 1960s.

Despite being adopted and brought up in a loving environment, Mindy desired to find her biological mother. So, it was only a few years after her adoptive mother died, that she felt it was time to reconnect.

She explored ways to meet her ambitions as an adult, and after discovering her original birth certificate, she wrote to her mother using the address she read on it.

They finally met and they had a lot of catching up to do and she was able to tell her long-lost daughter about her birth and why she decided to put her up for adoption.

Mindy and Her Biological Mom, Pat

As we discuss both the very painful and the more recent gloriously happy occasions, it’s evident that, despite being away for many years, the couple is now catching up on what they’ve missed and are devoted to each other.

There is certainly a fantastic energy between them, whether they are taking photos of Dilly, the dog Mindy bought for her birthday after much hidden cooperation with her sisters, or talking about other members of the family.

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Mindy Hammond Husband

Mindy is married to Richard Hammond. The couple met in 1995 at the time they were both working at a Public Relations firm in London.

She was at the company’s human resource department while Richard worked at the motoring department.

They started to get along well because they had a common rural upbringing. Their friendship grew into a romantic connection, and Richard proposed to her a few years later.

Mindy was already pregnant with their first child, Isabella, at the time of their engagement.

She made the decision to leave her career and become a full-time housewife. The couple welcomed their second daughter named Willow in 2003.

Mindy Hammond
Mindy and her Family

The couple lives blissfully in Ross On Wye, Herefordshire, England, on their 31-acre estate with their eight horses, four dogs, two goats, five cats, a rabbit, and Princess, a turkey. They also own a donkey, sheep, ducks, and chickens.

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Mindy Hammond Wedding

Hammond and his husband hosted their wedding on May 4, 2002. Izzy, their older daughter, was 18 months old at the time and was a lovely bridesmaid, dressed in a smaller version of Mindy’s gown.

Richard’s father Alan, was standing in for Mindy’s late father and her. The wedding took place in a nice small church in Prestbury village, near Cheltenham Racecourse, where her mother lived.

Mindy noted that her memorable experience will always be of little Izzy, who spent the entire afternoon gathering flowers on the lawn and racing around to all the guests with tiny handfuls of flowers, telling anybody who would listen about her journey in “the horsey car.”

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