Molly Jong-Fast

Who is Erica Jong’s Daughter, Molly Jong-Fast?

Who is Molly Jong-Fast?

Molly Jong-Fast is a renowned writer, political commentator, and podcast host. She was hired as an Editor-at-Large at The Daily Beast in 2019 and around that same time, she started to host The New Abnormal podcast. Her podcast has since gathered a huge fan base.

Two years later, in November 2021, she was assigned the role of a contributing writer at The Atlantic, and the writer of The Atlantic’s Wait, What? newsletter. The following year, Molly accepted a new role to serve as a special correspondent for Vanity Fair.

Molly Jong-Fast Age

Jong-Fast is currently 45 years old. She was born on August 19, 1978, in the United States. Her mother, Erica Jong, a renowned novelist and poet is a huge supporter of LGBT rights. She has also advocated for the legalization of same-sex marriage.

In her own words; Erica says that Gay marriage is not a curse, it is rather a blessing because it brings about stability. She added that same-sex marriage is certainly good for children. Her father, Jonathan is an assistant professor of social work at Yeshiva University in New York.

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Molly Jong-Fast Husband

Jong-Fast is married to Matthew Adlai Greenfield and she chose to keep her name after getting married. The couple resides in Manhattan, alongside their three children and their three dogs. She has a tight schedule and she always tries to balance between being a mother, a wife, and a career woman.

Molly Jong-Fast
Jong-Fast and her husband

On a typical workday, Molly is often tasked with preparing her children for school. She wakes everyone up, and a lot of preparation work that requires a lot of psychological energy and time is done before heading to school.

Although the children are old enough to go alone to school, they prefer having her accompany them. It’s almost like a bonding activity. There’s also a sibling rivalry element to it, as you can’t walk both if you can only walk one.

Molly Jong-Fast Net Worth

Jong-Fast has a net worth that ranges between $1 million – $5 million. She has built her wealth primarily from her career as a writer and media ventures. The decent wages that she earns from her job have provided her with a steady flow of income.

Where Did Molly Go to College?

Molly completed her early education studies at Riverdale Country School. She later enrolled at Bennington College where she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts.

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What Does Molly’s Husband Do For a Living?

Molly’s husband works as an assistant professor of English at the College of Staten Island in Willowbrook. In addition to that, Greenfield is a poet and an editor of ”Edmund Spenser: Essays on Culture and Allegory” (Ashgate Publishing, 2000). He graduated from Yale, where he also earned master’s and doctorate degrees in English literature.

Why is Molly Jong-Fast’s Mother Famous?

Molly’s mother, Erica Jong is best known for her book Fear of Flying, which was published in 1973. The book played a significant role in the emergence of second-wave feminism and became well-known for being controversial due to its views on female sexuality. The Washington Post claims that over 20 million copies have been sold globally.


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