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Who is Michael Cera’s Wife, Nadine? What Does She Do For a Living?

Who is Michael Cera’s Wife, Nadine?

Nadine is well-known as the wife of Michael Cera and she has appeared with him at several public events but not much is known about her. Her husband, Michael Cera is a celebrity in the United States but he likes to keep his details away from the public.

One of these details is his marriage life. His wife, Nadine doesn’t have a social media profile hence not much is known about her. In this article, we have covered everything that you need to know about her so keep scrolling.

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Nadine Met Her Husband in Paris, France

Nadine and Cera met at a bar in Paris. Cera was on an assignment in Paris with a friend on a promotional trip for Arrested Development. He originally doubted her ability to speak English, but later on, she discovered she had studied it as a young child. After they got to talking, they went for coffee the following day.

Cera however discovered that Nadine was somehow seeing her roommate, although they had not made things official. He decided to let her work things out with the other man and let her go because he thought the immigration procedures would be too much to handle.

Surprisingly, they were both in their respective relationships and they had to break up with them first. So a few months after their first encounter, Nadine contacted him again after ending the relationship she had with her roommate. The rest as they say is history.

Michael Cera
Cera and his wife

There are times when Nadine has accompanied Cera on different occasions. One such occasion was the 2018 Tony Awards when Cera was up for best performance by an actor in a featured role in a play for his part in Lobby Hero.

Nadine and Michael Cera Held a Secret Wedding

Nadine and her husband held a private marriage before March 2018. The specifics of their marriage are uncertain and up to date. They don’t often talk about their marriage or go out in public together because they are private people.

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Nadine and Her Husband Have a Son Together

Nadine and Cera welcomed their baby towards the end of 2021. Cera talked about how challenging it was to go back to work after his son was born.

He recounted when his kid was only a few months old, he traveled to London for three months to film the Barbie movie, and that after putting their little one to sleep each night, he and his wife would look at photos of their child.

When asked in an interview which movie he would show his son first, Cera said that his son had not yet seen any of his productions. He talked candidly about how becoming a father has positively impacted his life.

What Does Nadine Do For a Living?

Nadine is a producer by profession. It is reported that she studied theater but she chose to move to production. Her husband on the other hand is an actor hence their careers are in line with each other.

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