Nathalie Ulander

Nathaniel Ulander (Miriam Haart’s Girlfriend), Age, Height, College

Who is Nathalie Ulander?

Nathaniel Ulander is a former Swedish tennis player. If you’re a fan of ‘My Unorthodox Life’, you might already be aware of the big changes that have occurred since the debut of season one.

A few days after the first episode of ‘My Unorthodox Life’, premiered in July 2021, Julia Haart’s shocking breakup from Silvio Scaglia made headlines. On the other hand, her daughter Miriam has also shaken the wave with her relationship and that is what we have covered in this article so keep scrolling.


Nathaniel stands at an average height of 5 feet 9 inches.

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Nathalie Ulander Education

Ulander graduated from Stockholm Idrottsgymnasium in Sweden. Soon after her graduation she obtained a student visa and came to the United States to enroll at Tarleton State University in Texas, where she played tennis from 2018 to 2020.

It’s unclear when she moved from Texas to New York, but in June, she posted a picture of herself celebrating her Queens College graduation with a caption that read: “A little graduation photo dump :).”

My Unorthodox Life

Miriam is one of the lead characters in the Netflix original series My Unorthodox Life, which documents their life outside of the strict ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Julia Haart, her mother, fled the community when she was 43 years old and went on to become a successful fashion designer.

She began her career as the creative head of the Italian opulence label La Perla, where she created the Met Gala gown for model and reality TV sensation Kendall Jenner in 2017. She revealed that her daughter Miriam gave her the idea to leave the community.

The show, according to Miriam, is not intended to demonize the Orthodox community but rather to highlight how harmful and oppressive fundamentalism can be for women in many cultures and religions.

The second season of My Unorthodox Life got picked up and will premiere in September 2021. Julia Haart, Batsheva, and her spouse Ben, Miriam, Shlomo, and Aron are all featured in the series.

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Nathalie Ulander and Miriam Haart Relationship

Miriam came out as bisexual early on, although none of her romantic relationships were ever featured on My Unorthodox Life. The couple began dating on July 28, 2021, and Miriam revealed their romantic affair on Instagram.

The post had a caption that read, “Secret’s out, and so am I.” After she made her announcement, the couple started sharing pictures of themselves frequently on social media. Then, on November 16, Nathalie posted a season two trailer on Instagram, and the short film suggests that Miriam will reveal all of their relationship’s juicy facts.

They’ve already considered getting married. Yes, you read that correctly. The couple even thought about getting married to help Nathalie in obtaining a green card because she might be forced to return to Sweden. However, Julia was not a fan of the idea, as one might assume given the nature of their current relationship.

Frankly speaking, Miriam’s family is truly supportive. Julia has supported Miriam’s relationship even though she isn’t quite in favor of a quick wedding.  Miriam’s sister Batsheva also expressed her support for the marriage by posting a lovely message on her social media account.

Is Nathalie Ulander still Together With Miriam Haart?

The short answer is, it’s hard to tell at the moment. They haven’t been in a photo together since April 7, despite the fact that they still keep their photos and follow each other (not including the trailer Nathalie posted a few weeks ago).

Miriam hinted that it probably wouldn’t be the most obvious thing in the world if it turned out that they weren’t together anymore. She admitted that she is still friendly with her exes and has even asked a number of them to a party that will be featured on the show.

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What Does Nathalie Do For a Living?

Nathalie works at Haartsphere, a new firm founded by Julia and Miriam.
She started working at the new firm after her student visa expired. Although it’s unknown how long she’s been employed by the firm, obtaining a working visa is her first priority in order to prevent deportation.

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