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  1. don’t fall for this ministry….I ordered a book, knowing nothing of this ministry or man….they pounced on a new unaware contact with phone calls a so called prophesied things from the “man in question”…regarding information I must have relayed….very shortly therein there was the figure of $1000, I was relayed that God had supposedly told “man in question for me to give…course relating to the fulfillment of prophesy given to me prior…(obedience) or may be the”seed” for the miracle..and giving me things to do, which might be some effort for me…all the while building me up as a special or favored person…and he doesn’t usually do this…even giving me a message to hear from him to listen to…they have called me several times with their “seemingly” spiritual repoir, which I will be asking for the $$ money back, as have found out so much more about this person, Taylor and do NOT care to “support” his so called “ministry”…BEWARE!

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