Paul Brown

Paul Brown Auction Kings Net Worth, Age, Cancer, Wife, Son, Sister

Who is Paul Brown?

Paul Brown is an American television personality, auctioneer and businessman. He is best known for his work on auction kings and gallery 63. He has always been mindful of his differences from many other experts working in the auction industry.

Paul is aware, though, that those very differences might have helped him break in Discovery’s 2009 hunt for an auction business to base a reality show on. As a result, Auction Kings were able to reach audiences who weren’t typically interested in auctions.

Paul Brown Age

Brown is 56 years old as of 2022. He was born on November 3, 1966 in the United States.

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Paul Brown Parents

Brown was surrounded by auctions and antiques his entire life. Paul is a third generation business owner with Gallery 63, succeeding his father and grandmother. His dad, Bob, runs Red Baron Antiques in Atlanta, Georgia.


Paul graduated in 1989 from Georgia State University with a degree in English literature. During his time at college, Brown used his fact – finding unique skills to learn as much as he could about the items brought to Red Baron.

Red Baron Antiques at the time had a small branch called Gallery 63. He wanted to go to attend university to train as an English teacher and playwright, but instead, he temporarily assisted his father at Red Baron’s Antiques whilst his wife was expecting their first child.

Paul Brown Wife

Brown married his lovely wife, Linda Wood on November 10, 2011. The couple celebrated their 10-year anniversary in November 2021. Paul is the step father of Linda’s daughter named Lilly.

Paul Brown Net Worth

Brown has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He has generated a sustainable livelihood from all his business ventures.


Paul Brown Cancer

Paul Brown is actually a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer but he was fortunate enough to have been discovered early. He was successfully treated in 2018 and he is now cancer free.

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Paul Brown Auction Kings

Many people got their first view inside the auction business thanks to Discovery’s Auction Kings, which ran for four whole seasons from 2010 to 2013. The program featured the Atlanta-based auction firm Gallery 63, which included star Paul Brown, as they found, assessed, and sold goods in every category.

A production team working for Discovery sent Paul Brown a flip camera in 2009 so he could document a typical day at Gallery 63. Eventually, Brown and his gallery were chosen for the potential Discovery auction house show and, after some negotiation, they were contracted to produce the first 26 episodes of Auction Kings.

The show’s main cast included Brown, along with Cindy Shook, Jon Hammond, and Delfino Ramos. Scenes would often highlight the staff’s different personalities as they tried to figure out and auction off pieces. On Auction Kings, specialists from other fields also offered an appraisal and evaluated items.

Discovery made every effort to make Gallery 63 fit the description of a typical reality television program. But still the network realized that an unusual level of uncertainty exists in auctions.

Some of Auction Kings’ most memorable scenes, such as making a bid on an old Coke machine, were created by following these unforeseen uncertainties.  Gallery 63 now conducts a number of auctions each year in a variety of categories under Brown’s direction and the new leadership of his son, Elijah Brown.

Who is Paul Brown’s First Wife?

Brown was initially married to Heather Anne Armstrong. The couple divorced under unclear circumstances. They have two children together namely Josie and Elijah Brown.

Does Paul Have a Sister?

Yes! he has a sister named Sue. Just like his brother’s ventures, Sue owns King Galleries in Roswell, Georgia.

What about a Son?

Paul has a son named Elijah Brown who is now the fourth generation in the business.

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What is Paul Brown from Auction Kings doing now?

Brown agreed to host and contribute to the creation of Endless Yard Sale for GAC after the long and prosperous run of Auction Kings came to an end. He uses all of his time and energy on making the new show a success because that position required him to travel a lot.

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