Payton Myler

Payton Myler Net Worth, Age, Parents, Power Rangers, Ninja Kids Tv

Who is Payton Myler?

Payton Myler (born Payton Delu Myler) is an American child actor, Youtuber, a martial artist with a first-degree black belt, and a level 8 gymnast as of June 2019.

She has starred as Wonder Woman, Pink Power Ranger, Supergirl, and Harley Quinn, among other characters, as a cast member of Ninja Kids TV and starring as Kim in their Power Rangers series since 2017, and she has previously appeared as Wonder Woman, Pink Power Ranger, Supergirl, and Harley Quinn.

Payton Myler’s Age and Birthday

Myler is 12 years old as of 2020, she was born on 6 September 2008, in Draper, Utah, United States. She celebrates her birthday on 6 September every year and her birth sign is Virgo.

Payton Myler Height

Myler stands at an average height of 4 feet 11 inches.


Myler is a brilliant and educated young woman who is dedicated to her career on the big screen and in martial arts. Nonetheless, she has not disclosed where she attends high school, and her aspirations to attend college or university have not yet been divulged.

Payton Myler Parents

Myler was born and raised by her parents Shane and Aly Myler in Draper, Utah, United States. Both her parents are tritagonists in Ninja Kids Tv, alongside Andreik Tapia.

Payton Myler Siblings

Myler was raised alongside her three siblings, Bryton, Ashton, and twin brother, Paxton, all of whom are martial artists and appear in their action skits, parodies, challenges, and other family-friendly entertainment.

Payton Myler Salary

Myler’s salary has not yet been disclosed. However, with over 11 million subscribers and over 4 billion views every day from various sources, the kids’ YouTube channel, Ninja Kids, must be producing an estimated $22,500 daily ($8.2 million a year) from the commercials that display while the videos play.

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Payton Myler Net Worth

Myler’s net worth is unknown; she and her siblings are currently financially dependent on their parents. Nonetheless, Ninja Kids TV has amassed a net worth of $11 million.

Their content consists mostly on action skits, adventures, challenges, and the teaching of various skills. They excel at martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour athletics. They make an effort to impart vital character-building concepts as well as powerful life skills.

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Payton Myler
Payton Myler Photo

Payton Myler Power Rangers

Myler rose to prominence after acting as a regular cast member on ‘Ninja Kidz TV,’ which premiered on February 9, 2017, alongside her twin brother Paxton and her other siblings, Bryton and Ashton.

On March 23, 2017, they released their debut video, ‘POWER RANGERS MOVIE KIDZ TEASER!,’ followed by ‘POWER RANGERS NINJA KIDZ! Episode 1’, a spoof of the ‘Power Rangers film.

Payton, an eight-year-old child, played Kim, who obtains the pink power coin in the film.

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Payton Myler Ninja Kids Tv

Ninja Kids TV has created videos including superheroes, fantasy characters, and Star Wars. The club also releases pranks, challenges, and other family-friendly films on a regular basis.

Ninja Kids Tv has now developed to the point that each of its uploads receives over one million views. ‘BOYS versus GIRLS!’ is one of the channel’s most popular videos. Superb Birthday Celebration! ‘Twin Ninja Kids!’; ‘Gymnast vs. Giant!’ ‘Who is stronger, Payton or the bodybuilder?’; ‘Sister vs Brother – Twin Gymnastics’; ‘Justice Kidz | Ninja Kidz TV’; and ‘Paxton Smash!’ ‘Join forces with SuperHeroKids!’

Payton created her own channel on May 5, 2018, where she posts a variety of material, including challenges, vlogs, and comments, and in June, she produced her first video, Payton’s First Video | Ninja Kidz TV Highlights!’

The channel has been overseen by her parents, who have played a vital part in assisting it in gathering a substantial number of views.

At the moment, each of Payton’s videos has at least 100K views. Her debut music video was posted on the channel on December 22, 2018.

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